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NEW New Technology Helps Prevent Failed MBS Trades; Originator Commission vs.Set Salary; FICO LLPAs; NMLS Identifier
NEW Residential Construction Spending Increased in October
NEW The Next Buyback Problem to Face the Industry; Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule; Home Loan Interest Tax Deductibility Feedback
NEW New Home Sales Fall Unexpectedly In October. Median Prices Plummet
NEW Fannie Mae Sees Economy & Mortgage Market Improving
NEW Housing Starts Down Sharply, Permits Flat in October Census Data
NEW The Day Ahead: CPI, Housing Starts, Fed Coupon Pass
NEW Walkthrough of Loan Paper Transfer Process; Fed Explains Credit Scores; Fannie CFO Calls It Quits; Ginnie Mae Guarantee Stats
NEW Originator Compensation Feedback; Two New Mortgagee Letters; Flagstar Selling NPLs; Several Investor Updates; More on Buying a Bank
NEW Wholesaler Perspective on Originator Compensation; Empty Housing Units; TBW Impact on Delinquency Rates; Buying a Bank
NEW The Week Ahead: Inflation Data, Housing Starts, Fed's Credibility in Question
NEW Pending Home Sales Decline After Consumer Confidence Hits 7-Month Low
NEW MERS & Commercial Loans; 82 FDIC "Actions"; GSEs Working with HFAs; Lender Updates
NEW Spike in FHA to FHA Refinances; Deutsche Bank on Home Prices; Compensation Conference Call; Wells Finds Flaws in Foreclosures
NEW New Home Sales Up in September. Inventory Dwindled Down to 204,000 Units
NEW Wells Adjusts Gov't Loan Compensation Caps; Waiting on New Capital Standards; Loan Pricing War in 2011; Comments from the Trenches
NEW Freddie Mac's Rate Survey; FRBNY Suing BofA; Loan Buybacks; NMLS & Credit Reports; FHA Training; Wells Fargo Earnings
NEW Housing Starts +0.3%. Building Permits -5.6%. Completions +7.3%
NEW The Day Ahead: Five Fed Speakers, Housing Starts, Building Permits, Bank Earnings
NEW GSEs Release HVCC Updates; Broker Compensation & YSP Clarification; 15 Year Prison Sentence for Mortgage Fraud
NEW New FHA MIP in Effect; Foreclosure Mess Impacts Title Companies; Wells Stops Short Sale Extensions; Servicers Review Processes
NEW Housing Supply vs. Housing Demand vs. Population Growth; Retained Credit Risk and Non-Agency Loan Securitization; Uniform Dataset Delivery
NEW National Flood Insurance Program Extended, Pending Presidential Signature; Foreclosure Process Articles; Too Much Home Price Data;
NEW Administration Issues Housing Market Scorecard for September
NEW GMAC Temporarily Suspends Foreclosures in 23 States; Discover Entering Mortgage Biz?; HMDA Data; New DU Version 8.2; Prop 4 in Florida
NEW DATA FLASH: Housing Starts +10.5%. Building Permits +1.8%
NEW The Day Ahead: Housing Starts & FOMC Statement
NEW Broker Originations Dry Up; 120-Day Credit Inquiry Guideline; HVCC News; Bank Closings; PMI Removes 25 Distressed MSA's
NEW Mortgage Rates Stuck at Crossroads. Risks Remain High
NEW Litany of Investor Bulletins: Mortgage Insurance, Appraisal Photos, Originator IDs, Incomplete GFEs, 203(b)'s, Reserve Requirements, No More ARMs
NEW Recap and Charts: July Construction Spending Data
NEW Originator Compensation Guidance Offered by Lender; Common Reasons for Buyback Requests; Servicer Rankings; Warehouse Line News; Investor Updates
NEW What Might Move Mortgage Rates in the Week Ahead?
NEW MBA: 30-Day Delinquencies on the Rise Again
NEW Monthly Housing Scorecard: Administration Touts Increased Price Stabilization
NEW Homeowner Confidence Declines; Census Bureau Shares Housing Data; NY Fed Discusses the TBA MBS Market
NEW Lenders Cushion Loan Pricing After Spike in Refinance Demand. Who is Refinancing?
NEW Reg Z Rules and Proposals Galore; Closing Costs Higher; Freddie Gives Clients "Greater Flexibility"; Fannie Discusses Hardships
NEW Housing Starts and Building Permits: One Step Forward, One Step Back
NEW Mortgage Rates Marginally Higher After Industrial Production Data. No Reason to Panic
NEW More Loan Buyback Comments; MI Rescission Help; Bank MBS Holding Stats; Mortgage Fraud
NEW The Week Ahead: Housing Conference, Building Permits and Starts, Manufacturing Data, Auction Supply Terms
NEW What Might Move Mortgage Rates in the Week Ahead?
NEW FHA Changes on the Horizon; Cross Selling Mortgages to Banking Clients; Failed MBS Trades; "Credit Repair" Fraud Case Settled;
NEW Residential Construction Spending Declines in June. Federal Outlays Increase
NEW Beige Book: Mixed Reads on Economy. Housing Market Definitely "Sluggish"
NEW Data Flash: S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index +0.5% in May
NEW Solid Earnings from Wells and MGIC; High Quality Loan Production; Labor Unions Threaten Big Banks; VA Underwriting Update
NEW Small Banks Behind on TARP Repayment; More Opinions on Mortgage Reform; Home Builders Outsold by REO Inventory Holders; MGIC & RMIC Updates
NEW DATA FLASH: Housing Starts Down. Building Permits Up. Top Line Earnings Disappoint