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NEW Housing Starts, Permits Both Drop in July
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NEW Loan Limit Extension Legislation Introduced; CFPB Leadership Nomination; Citi Earnings; Industry Job Offers
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NEW Nothing New in New Home Sales. Two Times!
NEW Fannie Mae Downgrades Outlook. Housing Stuck in a Rut
NEW Building Permit Issuance Up. Cost Squeeze Slows Groundbreaking
NEW Feedback on VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans; HUD Career Opportunities; Fewer Free Checking Accounts
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NEW Brokers' Market Share Falls to New All-Time Low in 1st Quarter; Call Report Deadline; Feedback from the Trenches; Investor Bulletins
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NEW Post-Closing's Impact on Hedging Costs; Bank Liquidity and Required Reserves; ADP's Accuracy; NMLS Training
NEW Rehab and Remodeling Boost Construction Spending
NEW Ginnie Mae Issuance in April; FHA Wholesaler with Limited Overlays ; Account Exec Job Opening; Investor Bulletins
NEW HUD Addresses Upcoming Reduction in Loan Limits; Foreclosure Moratoriums Back; Repurchase Requests Down
NEW New Home Inventory at Record Low. Economists React
NEW Housing Starts and Building Permits: Crappy as Usual
NEW The Day Ahead: Housing Starts, Building Permits, Industrial Production
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NEW TB&W Exec Farkas Facing Jail Time in Fraud Case; Realtors Off the Hook; Ability-to-Repay Reg Z Rule Change; DC Foreclosure Process
NEW Jump in Building Permits Hints at Uptick in New Home Sales
NEW Capital Replacement Certificates: Possible QRM Solution for Smaller Shops?; Mortgage Interest Deduction Noise; Covered Bonds
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NEW Case-Shiller: Home Price Double-Dip Materializing
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