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NEW Builder Confidence Soars. Sharpest Rise Since 2002
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NEW Flagstar - MBIA Settlement; Redwood Trust Earnings; a Primer on Economic News Categories
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NEW Mortgage Rates Snap Recent Winning Streak
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NEW Thoughts on Keeping the 30-yr Mortgage; Tax Implications of Cancelled Mortgage Debt
NEW Fannie Mae Forecast Little Changed from February
NEW Tight Inventories Constrain Home Purchase Activity
NEW Home Prices Accelerate in January, Posting Highest Yearly Increase Since 2006
NEW Establishing a New Fannie Mae in Texas? How Gfees are a Tax on Borrowers; Thoughts on Cutting Weak Producers
NEW Housing Starts Rise, Permits at Four-and-half Year High
NEW The Day Ahead: Housing Starts and FOMC Countdown Overshadowed by Europe
NEW Housing a Bright Spot in Fed's Latest Household Debt and Credit Report
NEW Pending Home Sales Highest Since 2010 Tax Credit
NEW Housing Fundamentals Suggest Solid 2013 Recovery
NEW Building Permits and Single Family Starts at 5 Year Highs Despite Multi-Family Slump
NEW GMAC Channels Join ClearPoint in Big Changes; Basel III Concerns Alive and Well; Mortgage Jobs
NEW Housing Seen as Emerging Bright Spot by Freddie Mac Economists
NEW Improving Markets List Expands to Include at Least One Major City in Every State
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NEW Brightening Outlook for Home Improvement Industry
NEW Fannie Mae Economists see 2013 as a 'Transition to Normal'
NEW Housing Recovery Should Accelerate into 2013, if Washington Behaves
NEW GSEs Approve National MI; New National SAFE MLO Test; Affiliate Relationship Thoughts; 1,200 Pages of Servicing Rules
NEW December Housing Starts up Strongly; Permits Hold Steady
NEW In Detroit, 290 Homes for $189K?; Chase's Mortgage Numbers; Free Webinars and Training
NEW Mortgage Rates Sharply Higher, Erasing Most Of The Recent Recovery
NEW HARP Petition; HARP and HAMP's Impact on the Market; Has Fannie Been Pushing Lender Approvals?
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