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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Servicing News; Fannie/Freddie News; Another Blow for Ocwen
NEW HUD Settlement in CA; Webinars on Reverse Mortgages, Digital Mortgages, Etc.
NEW Underwriter Pay in 2016; Wells' FHA Price Move Will Move Market
NEW HMDA, Sales, Digital Training; CFPB News; New Products
NEW Lender Earnings; Banks Adjust Asset Mix Due to Fed Moves
NEW Training and Events; North Korea, France, Italy moving rates? Bank Changes - is Basel Faltering?
NEW Lender Product News; Trends in Closing and eClosing Processes
NEW Vendor Products Updates; Webinars and Training
NEW Lender Changes to Fees and Price Caps; How is Agency Risk-Based Pricing Set?
NEW FHA, VA, Ginnie, USDA Changes; CFPB's Tongue-Lashing From Hensarling
NEW Freddie's $1.3 bln Risk Transfer; Lenders' New Channels and Products
NEW Training and Events (LO Comp, HMDA, Sales); Car and Student Loans Impacting Lending
NEW New Products of Note; Personnel Moves; NAHREP Note; Flagstar to Buy CA's Opes Advisors
NEW Attorneys Weigh in on MSAs, Builder Incentives, The CFPB, and RESPA
NEW PHH to Lose CEO; Fannie/Freddie Changes--Their Future Remains Uncertain
NEW ARM Primer; Investor Fee and SRP Changes - Cost of Lending Changing
NEW Training/Events; Digital Mortgage Survey; Vendors/Lenders Raising Capital
NEW Servicing Trends; Owen's New Consent Order; Rates and The Healthcare Plan
NEW Trends in Credit Underwriting - Freddie Addresses Lack of Scores; M&A in the Appraisal Biz
NEW Experian Fined by CFPB; Jumbo Program News; Technology Updates
NEW From Apps to Secondary, a Multitude of Vendor Changes and Announcements
NEW Legal News; CFPB Reform Update; Fannie, Freddie, Conforming Lender Changes
NEW More on Zillow; Primer on a Flat Yield Curve: Any Change to Rating Agency Model?
NEW Zillow Saga Continues; Training and Events
NEW New Credit Report Criteria Questions and Considerations; Telephone Usage in Underwriting?
NEW Non-QM Mews; Nationstar/CFPB/HMDA Penalty; Goldman Buying Delinquent Loans
NEW Upcoming Training and Conferences; Ginnie Changes; Warehouse Products
NEW Current Servicing Market; 2016 LO Turnover Survey
NEW Jobs vs Rates; Zillow, CFPB, & RESPA in the Spotlight?
NEW Shift Out of FHA Loans Yet Ginnie Sets New Record; Worst Seller Traits in M&A
NEW VA IRRRL and Program news; CFPB 2017 Initiatives' Websites
NEW Fannie/Freddie Conventional Conforming Changes; Strong Economy Nudging Rates
NEW Investor Updates and UW Changes; Lots Going on in Capital Markets
NEW Primer on 30-Year Bond Supply, Demand, and Yield; Training and Events
NEW Record Bank Earnings, Basel Update; Appraisal and Collateral Trends
NEW Another Caliber Deal; In M&A What Makes a Good Lender Makes a Good Seller
NEW Lender Disaster Updates; Investor SRP and LLPA Changes
NEW Training and Events Ranging From Cybersecurity to Taking an App; ECOA Legal Opinion
NEW Rent Trends Continue to Help Lenders; FHA and Ginnie Changes in the Marketplace
NEW Banks and Lenders Adjusting Business Models; Radian President to Retire; Upcoming Events
NEW CFPB Lawyering Up, Also Requesting Input on Credit Availability; Lender Credit Changes
NEW Fannie/Freddie Legal News Not Helping Stockholders; Training and Events
NEW Product and Vendor News; Post-Merger Psychology; Ocwen Back in CA
NEW Product, Appraisal News; Upcoming Events; FHA/NHF/Sapphire Drama; SoFi, Altisource, Blackstone
NEW Merger Mania: PHH, G-Rate, LenderLive and More; FHA/VA Changes
NEW Vendor and MI News; Fannie/Freddie in the Markets; Refis Down to 2009 Levels
NEW New Products and Correspondent Investor; Can Conventional Lenders do Reverse Mortgages Correctly?
NEW M&A Observation; Ginnie Issuance Grows; Upcoming Events, eNote Training
NEW Appraisal Trends & updates; Primer on Stock Market Moves vs. Bonds
NEW Lender's Disaster Updates; Servicing Deals; Bank M&A