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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Underwriter, MLO, Relationship Mgr. Jobs; Sales, Pricing, Processing Tools; VA and FHA Changes
NEW MLO Jobs; Pricing, Servicing, Processing, VOE Tools; Non-Agency and Jumbo Updates; LO Comp
NEW Ops, Sales Jobs; Securitization, HELOC, Verification, Tech Review, Sales Products; Events and Webinars
NEW MBA, U/W, AE, Construction Lending Jobs; Multimedia, Jumbo, Warehouse, Rental Products; Lenders React to GSE Changes
NEW Cap. Mkts., MLO, AE, Ops Jobs; Loan Sales, Pricing, Tax Estimating Products; Is the Fed Contributing to Housing Price Escalation?
NEW MBA, MLO Jobs; Marketing, Customer Service, VA, Retention Tools; FHA and VA Program Shifts
NEW MLO Jobs; Non-QM, Jumbo, Audit, Fulfillment, Servicing Risk, Trailing Doc Products
NEW AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Mixed-use, Fulfillment, Non-Agency Products; Events and Training
NEW Servicing, Corresp., MLO Jobs; Servicing Risk, HELOC, MI, eClosing Products; Investor Disaster News
NEW AE, MLO Jobs; VOA, Processing, Pricing, Marketing, Comp Webinar Tools; Investors' Agency Changes
NEW Ops, MLO jobs; Marketing, Subservicing, HFA, Warehouse Products; Agency/GSE Changes
NEW Pricing, Processing, Audit Tools; Forbearance Numbers Improve; SPAC Mania!
NEW Corresp., Construction, Sales Jobs; Non-owner, POS Products; Customer Service Tips
NEW Underwriting, MLO Jobs; DPA, Non-QM, Customer Service Tools; Misc. Company News Indicates Trends
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Cross-Border Lending, Processing, Recruiting Products; MBS Issuance Webinar; Quicken Name Change
NEW MLO, AE Jobs; Lead Gen, Turn Time, Jumbo Products; Guild/RMS Deal
NEW Ops. Mgt., MLO Jobs; Renovation, Docs, Retention Non-QM Training Tools; Product Updates
NEW Sales Jobs; Retention, Purchase, Servicing, Reverse Products; Webinars and Training; Interview With Economist Elliot Eisenberg
NEW Accounting, Ops, MLO Jobs; AMC, Lead, Warehouse Products; Financial Transparency; Employment Figures Sink Rates
NEW Reverse, MLO, Ops Jobs; Pricing, Best-ex, QC Products; Compliance and Risk Notes and Information
NEW AE, MLO, Product Jobs; Servicing, Appraisal, Marketing Products; Genworth/Enact, LoanSnap IPO News
NEW Processing, MLO Jobs; Warehouse, Marketing, eClose, Efficiency Tools; Disaster Updates
NEW MLO and Sales Jobs; HELOC, Bridge Financing, Non-QM, Verification Products; Upcoming Events
NEW CRM, Ops, Consumer Direct, AE, LO Jobs; JV and MSA Updates; Redwood Trust Results; CFPB Action
NEW Corresp., AE, LO Jobs; Digital, Warehouse, Processing, Pricing Products; Freddie and Fannie News
NEW LO Jobs; Lead Gen, Servicing Risk, Presentation, DPA, Valuation Tools; M&A Firestorm; Housing Remains Resilient
NEW Servicing, Sales Jobs; Processing, Broker, Price Products; Events and Training Coming Soon
NEW MLO Jobs; LOS, Sales, ARM, HELOC, Servicing Risk Products; Ocwen, PHH, TCB, Redwood Trust Company News
NEW Corresp., MLO, Ops Jobs; Retention, Servicing, Construction-to-Perm Products; Fraud Report; CFPB, Compliance, and Legal Shifts
NEW AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Subservicing, Jumbo, Sales Products; MLO to Broker Training; Investor Underwriting Changes
NEW Training, AE jobs; Pricing, Risk Mgt., Dashboard Tools; Servicing Package for Sale; Investors Adapt to Agency Shifts
NEW MLO Jobs; Sales, Jumbo, Purchase Products; Events and Training in the Next Few Weeks
NEW Lock Desk, MLO, Underwriter Jobs; POS, Workflow, Digital Tools; Agency's Trend: Not Our Friend?
NEW AE, Ops, Sales Jobs; Sec. Mktg., NOI, QC, Diversity Products; NewRez/Caliber Deal; Servicing Retention Study
NEW MLO Jobs; Risk Reduction Products; Marketing, Workflow Tools; JP's Earnings, and the MBA's Take on 2020's Profits
NEW MLO Jobs; HELOC, Renovation, Jumbo, Sales Products; New Correspondent Investor for Non-QM and QM Loans
NEW MLO Jobs; Customer Support, Servicing Products; Upcoming Webinars Cover Everything From Origination to Servicing
NEW Sales Mgt., MLO Jobs; Non-QM, Processing, ECOA, Subservicing Tools; Administration and Housing
NEW Apr. 8: Non-QM, reno, jumbo products; SaaS, sales, underwriting products; correspondent news; underwriting shifts
NEW AE, MLO Jobs; Subservicing, Workflow, Marketing, Processing Tools; FHA News; Events This Week
NEW MLO Jobs; Post-Close, Processing, Sec. Marketing Tools; Conventional Conforming Shifts
NEW AE Jobs; Lead Gen Products; Wholesaler's New Products; Training, Events, and Webinars
NEW Tech, MLO, AE, Non-QM, Ops Jobs; Non-Del, Servicing, Reno Products; Changes in Flood Insurance Ahead?
NEW Recruiting, AE, MLO, Ops Jobs; Hedging, HELOC, Anti-Fraud Tools; CFPB Meeting Transcript; GSE's Bold Move
NEW MLO Jobs; Broker, Jumbo, Leads, Presentation, Liquidity Tools; FHA, Ginnie, USDA News in Context
NEW MLO Jobs; Jumbo, Workflow, Retention Products; Agency Risk Changes Ahead; Want a 6 Month Lock?
NEW AE, MLO Jobs; Sales, Subservicing, Automation Products; Virtual Conferences and Webinars
NEW IT Sales, MLO, Ops Jobs; Rate Protection, Broker Products; GSE Changes; Con't Forbearance Improvement
NEW MLO, Branch, Ops Jobs; Sales, POS, Warehouse Products; STRATMOR Ops Paper; Ginnie, FHA, VA, USDA Updates
NEW IT, AE, Marketing Jobs; Comp, Retention, Pre-approval Tools; Non-QM There for Non-owner and 2nd Homes?