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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW REIT, MLO, Bus. Dev. Jobs; Warehouse, MI, AMC, HELOC Products; MSRs, the Economy, Servicing, and the CFPB
NEW Sales Director, MLO, Branch Jobs; Servicing, Sales, Jumbo Products; URLA and 4506-C News
NEW Ops, MLO, IT Jobs; MSR, Originator Ranking, Digital Tools; FHA's Bevy of News; Ginnie's eNote Pool
NEW Encompass, Training, Credit Risk Jobs; Pricing, Sales, Reno Products; Training on Securitization and Other Upcoming Events
NEW MLO Jobs; Sales, Pricing, Processing, Correspondent, Products; LO Productivity Study; FHFA Disaster News
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Broker, VOE, Servicing, MI Tools; Imminent Training and Virtual Events
NEW MLO Jobs; Broker, Recruiting, HELOC Products; Freddie and Fannie Compliance Reminders
NEW Ops, AE Jobs; Sales, Leadership, Tech, Pricing Tools; VA, Ginnie, FHA Changes Incl. URLA Update
NEW IT, AE Jobs; Jumbo, Origination, Productivity Tools; Thoughts on the CFPB Nominee; Training and Events
NEW Retail, Ops Jobs; Appraisal, Non-QM, Jumbo, DPA Products; Industry Weighs in on Good Freddie/Fannie News
NEW Warehouse, Sales Jobs; Digital, AMC, Pricing Tools; Comp Survey; Cap. Markets, Broker Products
NEW Retail, Recruiting Jobs; Servicing, Appraisal, Income Calculation Tools; Upcoming Virtual Training; MSA FAQs
NEW Sales, MLO Jobs; Home Ownership, Non-QM, PPE, Sales Tools; Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW Sales Management, MLO Jobs; Recruiting, VA IRRRL, Non-QM Products; Litigation is Expensive; HMDA Season has Begun!
NEW Reverse, MLO, Ops Jobs; Social Media, Efficiency, CRA, CRM Products; Broker Training; Neobank Closures and SoFi IPO
NEW Compliance, MLO, AE, Ops Jobs; Appraisal, Profitability Tools; Upcoming Events; Rates Creep Higher: Why?
NEW Correspondent, MLO Jobs; Staffing, Compliance, MI Products; Agency Forbearance Uncertainty
NEW Sales, Investor, Workflow Products; Training and Webinars From Home
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; COO Seeking Role; Subservicer, URLA, VA IRRRL, HELOC, MSR Products; Non-QM lender Rebrand
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Lender Wanted; Small Business Grant; Ignore the CFPB at Your Own Peril
NEW Credit/Risk, MLO, Ops Jobs; Agency-Approved Lender Wanted; Sales, RentalProducts; Primer on Secondary Marketing for MLOs
NEW Recruiter Job; HELOC, Compensation, TPO Products; New York Did What? Agency News; URLA Best Practices
NEW Non-QM, LOS Admin, Ops, MLO, IT Jobs; Broker, Sales Tools; QC and Compliance
NEW Christmas Eve: Bus. Dev., MLO, AE Jobs; Verification Tool; Disaster News; What is "Build for Rent"?
NEW Ops, MLO, Bank Sales Management Jobs; QC Report, Retention, Cap. Markets Tools; Jumbo and Non-QM Tidbits
NEW Correspondent, MLO Jobs; Digital, Trailing Doc; FHA's Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium Extension
NEW VP of Non-QM, Credit/Diligence, Ops, MLO, AE Jobs; National MI Integration; Shifting Borrower Profiles
NEW Ops, Branch Manager, LO Jobs; CFO Role Wanted; First American Rebrand; Rural, FHA, VA Program Changes
NEW Ops Jobs; Shell Wanted; CRM, POS, Retention, Jumbo Loan, Capital Markets Products; How News Moves Rates
NEW MLO Jobs; Shell Wanted; Fulfillment, Doc, Servicing Products; Training; Few Reasons For Rates to Move
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Broker, Retention Products; Borrower Satisfaction; Primer on How News Impacts Rates
NEW Ops Jobs; VA IRRRL, Non-Agency, Doc Products; FHA Temporary Waiver, Ginnie Eligibility, VA Forbearance News
NEW Tech, MLO Jobs; Pooling, Retention, VOA, Comp Products; Training; Small Lenders, Broker Dealers, and Rule 19b
NEW Accounting, MLO, AE, Ops Jobs; Private Lending, Retention, Referral Tools; Why Rates Have Crept Higher
NEW Servicing, MLO, Ops Jobs; Cybersecurity, VA IRRRL, Non-QM Tools; Events and Training
NEW Solution Engineer Jobs; Capital Markets Best Ex, Sales Tools; Non-QM Updates; Economic Rebound Losing Steam?
NEW MLO Jobs; Docs, Accounting, Jumbo, Appraisal, Customer Service Products; Rates Moving With Stimulus Rumors
NEW LO, Broker Jobs; Bank Statement, Retention, Subservicer Review Products; Upcoming Webinars This Week
NEW Production, Ops Jobs; VA, VA IRRRL, Non-QM Products; USDA, FHA, VA Stats
NEW High level Ops, Implementation Jobs; Demographics for MLO's: Who's Locking and Who's Not?
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Doc, Sales, Broker Tools; Disaster Updates; Investors React to Freddie and Fannie Changes
NEW CTO, MLO, Ops Jobs Across the Country; Customer Service, eSignature Tools; MLO Yield Curve Primer
NEW Ops Manager, AE, MLO Jobs; Appraisal, Sales, Relationship Products; Debating Freddie and Fannie's Future
NEW Product Mgt., MLO, Ops Jobs Across the Country; VA IRRRL, Training Events; Mortgage Servicing News
NEW Sales, Ops, QC Jobs; Retention, VOI, Broker Products; Ops and Processing Changes
NEW VOE, Cash Flow, Remote Work Tools; Companies Performance Mimicking Industry's
NEW MLO Jobs; Income, Workflow, Customer Service Tools; Agency Personnel Changes Regardless of Salaries
NEW MLO Jobs; Customer Service, QC, Marketing, Servicing Products; Events and Training From Your Living Room
NEW MLO, Cap. Mkts. Jobs; Private Money, Marketing Products; Private MI Company Updates
NEW MLO, Ops Jobs; Marketing, Non-QM, Jumbo Products; Company News