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NEW Tuesday 6/10/08 ..... 50/50 bet continues to pay off...
NEW Continuing to slide early
NEW Monday 6/9/08 .......... Another Loser...
NEW Did The 50/50 Bet Pay Off?
NEW Friday 6/6/08 ........... Mixed Jobs Data, MBS barely improving
NEW Thursday 6/5/08 ......... Best not to read this....
NEW Wild In Ben's Wake
NEW The Trend is Not Your Friend
NEW Continuing to react to stocks
NEW Rally no More.
NEW Already Changing Course
NEW ISM higher than expected
NEW Wednesday 6/4/08 ...... ADP Cries Wolf Again
NEW Turning positive on the day!
NEW Tuesday 6/3/08 ..... 2 Steps Forward 1.7 Steps Back
NEW Monday 6/2/08 .... Not Much Change After the Morning's Data
NEW Pre-Game Show
NEW 6/2/08 ..... Off To A Good Start!
NEW After The Rest Of The News, Still Doing Well...
NEW The Important News Is In (it's good)
NEW Some Selling, but Still Positive
NEW As stocks rise, MBS sells off deeper
NEW Down, down, down
NEW The Hits Keep Coming (the bad hits)
NEW Some actual good news
NEW Still Weak, Still Sliding
NEW Bonds slipping
NEW Oil Greases the Slope and Durable Goods Push MBS off the Edge
NEW At the lows of the day on the 5.5 coupon
NEW MBS Follow Treasuries Down, Mixed Data
NEW MBS Extend Losses Over the Weekend
NEW Off The Highs (again)
NEW holding the highs
NEW Bonds Rally after more weak economic data
NEW pushing the lows
NEW Headlines Plus Jobs Report Slam MBS
NEW Reversing Course
NEW rallying after fed minutes
NEW Limited Data, Awaiting Fed Minutes, MBS Down A Bit
NEW back to where we started
NEW Mixed Read on PPI Has Stocks Sinking and MBS Slightly Improved
NEW Summary of Today
NEW Staying Strong To Finish Out The Day
NEW As stocks fall from highs, MBS improve...
NEW Amazingly Still OK, but Dangerous Talk On The Sidelines
NEW Struggling to hang on...
NEW Fixed Income Pares Gains As Stocks Advance
NEW Before The Action
NEW decidedly down
NEW Not Gaining