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NEW MBS AFTERNOON ... Volatility Much?
NEW MBS MORNING: Rebounding Now..
NEW MBS OPEN : Treasuries leading the way down: MBS Follow
NEW Friday 11/21... Selling Pressure
NEW Friday 11/21 Morning Update
NEW Friday 11/21... Rally On
NEW Friday 11/21...Still Improving
NEW Friday 11/21 ...Improving
NEW FN 5.5 +8/32 at 100-09
NEW MBS UPDATE: Reprice Potential Increasing
NEW 11/20 ... Downward Pressure Continues
NEW MBS MID-MORNING: As the Panic Fades, Stocks Off The Floor A Bit and MBS off Their Highs
NEW MBS MID-MORNING: Philly Fed Survey -39.3. MBS Stay Strong, but Tsy's still lead the way.
NEW MBS MORNING: Continuing price strength from Jobless Claims.
NEW MBS MORNING: Jobless Claims Worse Than Expected, Tsy's Like A Lot, MBS Like A Little
NEW Thursday 11/20 ...Update
NEW Wednesday 11/19 ... Improving
NEW Wednesday 11/19… Consumer Inflation Drops
NEW Market Update: Indefinable Ambiguity Runs Amok
NEW 5.5 tightens up and then sells again....
NEW 12:38PM (+9 ticks to 100-05)
NEW 11:44PM - (+5 ticks to 100-01)
NEW Tight Range: 99-26 to 99-31
NEW Treasury International Capital data and Initial Response
NEW FN 5.5 MBS unchanged at 99-28. Resistance level 100-03 still in effect
NEW 3:16PM ... MBS continuing to sell at the end of the day... (100-00 +0-04)
NEW 3:11 PM (100-02 +0-06)
NEW Monday 11/17 ... Selling a bit...
NEW Monday 11/17 ... Still Flat
NEW Monday 11/17...Flat so far
NEW Friday 11/14 ...Graph of the rebound
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Where's George Jetson...
NEW Friday 11/14 ... An now a sharp rebound...
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Good Thing You Were "Staying Tuned..."
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Flirting with the lows
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Most of the data in... No reaction in MBS
NEW Friday 11/14 ...Pre Data Update
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Must be a friday afternoon in the MBS market!
NEW Friday 11/14 ...Selling has reversed
NEW Friday 11/14 ... More Selling...
NEW Friday 11/14 ... Fading into risky territory
NEW Thursday 11/13 ...If you have been sleeping, you havent missed anything
NEW Thursday 11/13 ... Morning Data In... Mitigates Some Of The Expected Selling...
NEW Thursday 11/13 ... Sell off continues
NEW Thursday 11/13 ... Slight Sell off
NEW Wednesday 11/12 ... Rallying Post-Paulson
NEW Wednesday 11/12 ... A bit of volatility during Hank's Speech
NEW Wednesday 11/12 ... Prices Ticking Up