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NEW CFPB Proposes New Escrow Rule
NEW Servicing, Inspection, Loss-mit Products; CFPB's Structure to Change; Ginnie Adjusts Pooling Requirements
NEW Supreme Court Rules Single CFPB Director Unconstitutional
NEW CFPB Looks at Changing Qualified Mortgage Rule, Lifting DTI Limits
NEW LO Jobs; Outsourcing, DPA, Marketing Products; Thoughts on the CFPB's Non-QM Proposal
NEW CFPB Attempts to Clarify Servicer Credit Reporting Requirements
NEW CRM, Processing, Buyback Insurance Products; COVID, the CFPB, Credit Reports, and Rates
NEW CFPB Warns Servicers and Lenders to Adhere to CARES Act
NEW CFPB Empowers Fannie/Freddie to Overcome Lockdown Woes
NEW Webinars and Events; CFPB HMDA News; Agency, Investor, and Vendor Changes Continue
NEW Fannie/Freddie Regulator and CFPB Agree Will Share Mortgage Servicing Info
NEW LO Jobs; Pooling, Non-QM, Appraisal Products; CFPB, Audit, Exams, and Compliance News
NEW Compliance Jobs; Broker, Portfolio Marketing Products; CFPB is Taking on LO Comp
NEW CFPB Lightens Requirements for Temporary LO License
NEW Supreme Court Agrees to Hear CFPB Constitutionality Case
NEW Warehouse, Broker Products; FHA and Ginnie News; CFPB and DOJ Fair Lending Investigation?
NEW CFPB Says Patch is Going Away but Asks "What Next?"
NEW Non-QM, Pricing, Reno Products; Vendor News; CFPB/Freedom Settlement
NEW MSR Sale, Cost Bundling, High Balance Products; The CFPB Wants Your Input!
NEW UI Urges CFPB, Don't Limit Access to Loan Information
NEW Compliance, Servicemember Products; The CFPB is Alive and Well
NEW CFPB: How ATR/QM Rule has Changed Lending
NEW Events and Webinars for Lenders; BFCP/CFPB Updates - Lawsuit Dropped
NEW A New CFPB Director? Perhaps That's Not the Intention
NEW CFPB Finalizes Revisions to TRID Timing Rules
NEW Acting Director Urges Changes in CFPB's Structure
NEW CFPB Wins What Could be a Hollow Victory
NEW CFPB Ruling and Takeaways for Lenders; Fed Change in Leadership
NEW Down Payment Study; The "New" CFPB; Solid Housing and Lending Stats
NEW Document Collection Product; CFPB's Good HMDA News; F&F Capital Buffer
NEW Advice From Industry Leaders; CFPB Leadership Void - Really?
NEW Action at CFPB; Capital Markets Product
NEW CFPB's Cordray Resigns; Agency Future Uncertain
NEW CFPB Unveils Early Warning System for Mortgage Delinquencies
NEW CFPB - "Regulation by Enforcement," or Business as Usual?
NEW CFPB Makes Temporary HELOC Reporting Threshold Official
NEW CFPB's HMDA Changes; LIBOR Substitute Proposal; Blend's Capital Raise
NEW Lender Fee and Pricing Changes; CFPB Suit Dismissed, HMDA webinar
NEW CFPB Proposes Raising HELOC Reporting Threshold.
NEW HUD Suspends Lender; CFPB News; The Importance of Compliance Training
NEW CFPB Updates Know Before You Owe Rule
NEW PHH v. CFPB - Recording of the Arguments, a Webinar About Yesterday's Action, What's Next?
NEW CFPB Seeks Input on Assessment of Mortgage Servicing Rule
NEW CFPB and CHOICE Act; Non-Prime Security Update; French Elections Move U.S. Rates
NEW HMDA, Sales, Digital Training; CFPB News; New Products
NEW CFPB Invites Comments on HMDA Rule Clarifications
NEW FHA, VA, Ginnie, USDA Changes; CFPB's Tongue-Lashing From Hensarling
NEW Attorneys Weigh in on MSAs, Builder Incentives, The CFPB, and RESPA
NEW Experian Fined by CFPB; Jumbo Program News; Technology Updates
NEW Financial Services Committee Hears Arguments to "Restructure CFPB"