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NEW CFPB Opens Proposed Mortgage Rule Changes for Public Comment
NEW Las Vegas and Eminent Domain; Dodd-Frank Update; HARP Date Petition; CFPB Reminders
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NEW CFPB Consolidates New Mortgages Rules, Information, to a Single Web Page
NEW Ex-CFPB Employees Getting Into Non-QM Lending; Correspondents & Reg. B
NEW Genworth Job Cuts; Flood Insurance Across the Nation; Recent Disparate Impact Cases; CFPB Employees Unionize
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NEW CFPB Enhances Massive Consumer Complaint Database
NEW Interpreting QM Revisions; CFPB on Originator Testing, FTC, and Underserved Counties
NEW CFPB Delays One Rule and Tweaks 43% DTI, LO Comp - What Does it Mean?
NEW CFPB Announces Changes to Ablity-to-Repay Rule
NEW House Rejects CFPB Testimony on Qualified Mortgage Rule
NEW Kickback Accusations Resolved by CFPB Consent Filing
NEW CFPB Reminds Lenders of Changes to Mandatory Arbitration Provisions
NEW CFPB Releases Video Series to Better Explain Mortgage Rules
NEW More on FHA MI & HPML Concerns; CFPB Update on June 1 Change Date; Bank M&A's Continue
NEW CFPB Having Second Thoughts About Restricting Credit Insurance Financing
NEW CFPB Publishes User Friendly Compliance Guides
NEW CFPB on Small Lenders and the Cost of Compliance; Does Hedging Mean Free Lock Renegotiations?
NEW HUD addresses LO/Realtor Combos; CFPB and FDIC can go after Employees and Consultants
NEW CFPB's Final Rule Changes; Navy Fed's 100% Program; Reg. Z's Appendix Q; Home Ownership Trends
NEW Cordray Is Not The Real CFPB Director According To Committee Chair
NEW CFPB Issues Additional Clarifications to Final Rules
NEW CFPB Recommends Regulation of "Senior Designations"
NEW CFPB Proposes Clarifying Changes to Final Escrow Rule
NEW Transactions Covered by the CFPB; FHA and VA Pricing Jump Explained; More on Assumability of Loan Types
NEW Some Astute Concerns About Disparate Pricing, Assumable Loans, and the CFPB Complaint Database
NEW DE Underwriter Change? MI Company fines and their Responses; How Much can the CFPB Penalize and what does it do with the Money?
NEW Four Largest Mortgage Insurers Tagged by CFPB in Illegal Kick-Back Scheme
NEW CFPB's New Financial Products Complaint Site Goes Live Today
NEW Republicans Attacking CFPB on Multiple Fronts
NEW Cordray: CFPB Addressing Debt Traps, Dead Ends, and Discrimination.
NEW Letter on CFPB Exams; Good Site for Bank Research; Bank M&A Continues; Purchase Loans Cost More than Refis?!
NEW Potential Fallout of Cordray's CFPB Appointement being Invalidated
NEW CFPB: Consumers must not be Collateral Damage in Servicing Transfers
NEW NLRB Ruling Leaves a "Dark Cloud" Hanging Over CFPB
NEW CFPB on Speed Dial for Newark Residents
NEW Senator Introduces CFPB Reform Bill to Replace Cordray with Five-Member Commission
NEW President Renominates Cordray as CFPB Director, Picks Former U.S. Attorney for SEC
NEW CFPB Releases Final Rule on Ability to Repay, Leaves Back Door Open on DTI