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NEW CFPB Hearing on Discrimination & RESPA TILA Information; State Lawsuit Involving Dodd-Frank
NEW CFPB RESPA-TILA Update Site; Bank Stress Test Results; FICO Changes Coming?
NEW The CFPB on payday lending & FCRA; increasing focus on 2nds and HELOCs - are we talking not enough or too much?
NEW CFPB on YouTube; Securitizing Rental Properties; LO Occupation at Risk?
NEW CFPB, MISMO and Electronic Processing; Lenders Liable for Buybacks After Shutting Down?
NEW MBS MID-DAY: Calm Morning For Bonds; CFPB's Double-edged Sword; 5/3rd Exiting Wholesale
NEW CFPB Fines Lender for Fee Splitting
NEW Bank Merger Mania; CFPB on Using HMDA Data, Exam Procedures; Wells - Ocwen Servicing Deal Iced
NEW CFPB Changes HMDA Data Collection
NEW CFPB Goes After PHH; Thoughts & Surveys on Current Builder & Lender Environment - Good & Bad News
NEW CFPB Exam Procedures; Mortgage Training and Events; Can your Vendors or Investors Force your Hiring Decisions?
NEW CFPB Offers Guidance to Consumers on Debit, Credit Card Data Theft
NEW LO Comp Discrepancies Continue; CFPB "Fact vs Fiction" on ATR; Lender Purchased by Bank
NEW Fannie Mae, CFPB in Sync on Servicer Rules
NEW CFPB Separates Fact from Fiction on New Mortgage Rules
NEW CFPB Wants Your Thoughts on Mortgage Closing Process
NEW Confusion Over HUD QM rules; Diversity Comment Period Extended; CFPB Staffing Levels; OIG reports on CFPB exams
NEW Reg. Z Reminder; Bank M&A and FDIC Updates; CFPB Penalties/Settlements - How Much Does it Cost to Comply?
NEW Recent State Mortgage Changes; Fed's Balance Sheet - Putting QE3 in Perspective; CFPB's Latest Penalty
NEW Lawsuits: Ocwen/CFPB Case Settled; Major Buyback Ruling in Favor of lenders; MBA Rolls Out QM Guide
NEW CFPB Promises Extra Scrutiny For Ocwen after Lawsuit
NEW CFPB Launches Education Campaign Ahead of New Mortgage Rules
NEW HUD QM Rule Announced; Closely Mirrors CFPB QM
NEW CFPB's Take on QM; QM & HECMs; Ellie Mae's Encompass Issue for Pipeline Hedging; Nations Direct Opens Correspondent
NEW CFPB's Take on Affiliate Fees, Loans Under $100k, and Several Other Recent Announcements
NEW CFPB & Credit Card Programs; CRA update; Moody's & Brokers; Blackstone Owns how many Houses?
NEW CFPB vs. Payday Lender; Rating Agencies Watch QM; Confusion Over Bona Fide Discount Points
NEW CFPB & RMIC; New Mortgage Form Chatter; Thoughts on Hedging Non-QM Loans
NEW J.D. Powers' Mortgage Survey; 38 Business Days Until QM - Chance of Delay, CFPB's Counseling Site
NEW CFPB & HUD Reviewing Green Tree and Overdraft Programs; Investor Updates; 39 Days Until QM
NEW Freddie & QM; CFPB & Consumer DataCollection; Bank M&A Continues
NEW CFPB Launches Tool to Locate Housing Counselors
NEW Citi Non-Agency Deal; CFPB Goes After Affiliate Business Relationships; RESPA & Gifts
NEW CFPB Pursuing Individuals, Seeking Admissions of Guilt
NEW CFPB Clarifies Rules for Borrower Contact
NEW Stonegate, Freedom, and NMI in the Stock Market; CFPB Penalizes Two Lenders on HMDA Violations
NEW CFPB Tools for Research; 4506-T Indemnification Thoughts; Parts of PHH up for Sale?
NEW Possible Ulterior Motive Behind New CFPB HMDA Tool
NEW CFPB Unleashes Amendments to ECOA, RESPA, and TILA; is The FHA Doing Better or Isn't it?
NEW CFPB Cordray's Testimony - Who Will Regulate the Regulator? Talk About Preparing for a CFPB Exam
NEW CFPB Finalizes Mortgage Rule Changes Announced in June
NEW FSC Chair Asks "Who Will Protect Consumers From the CFPB?"
NEW Cordray: CFPB Listened and Adapted QM Accordingly
NEW Chase's $6 Billion Lawsuit; Will Your Vendor be Ready for the CFPB's Changes?
NEW Mortgage Servicers Have Issues According to CFPB
NEW Appraisal AIR Links; Last Week's CFPB Changes Including ATR/QM; Upcoming Training & Seminars
NEW CFPB Updates Financial Institution Exam Procedures
NEW CFPB goes after PNC; TARP Lawsuit; STRATMOR Survey on Response to Higher Rates
NEW LO Comp Implications and the Recent CFPB Complaint; Obama Housing Speech Today
NEW Former CFPB Officials Under Congressional Fire