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NEW Legal News; CFPB Reform Update; Fannie, Freddie, Conforming Lender Changes
NEW Congress Holding Hearing on CFPB Constitutionality
NEW Non-QM Mews; Nationstar/CFPB/HMDA Penalty; Goldman Buying Delinquent Loans
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NEW VA IRRRL and Program news; CFPB 2017 Initiatives' Websites
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NEW CFPB/HMDA/Reg. Z Changes; Big Bank/Lender Underwriting Changes; Upcoming Events
NEW CFPB and HUD Fire Away Into the Holidays, and Outline 2017's Priorities
NEW CFPB, Regulatory, and Legal News; Plywood Endangered in Ohio
NEW CFPB Targets Reverse Lenders; MBA Reports on Lender Profits; Legal Trends
NEW CFPB Appraisal News; Non-Agency MBS Update
NEW Ben Carson at HUD? More on PHH v. CFPB; Vendor Management Vendor Updates; Refis Continue to Drop
NEW Supreme Court Hears Mortgage Case; Other Legal Updates; CFPB's Financial Status Review
NEW CFPB Inquiry Could Mean Big Changes For Data Aggregators
NEW Jumbo News; Strong Housing Starts Number, CFPB News/Rumors
NEW PHH's $28 Million Fine; Miami's Fair Housing Lawsuit; Ocwen News; Trump on Yellen/CFPB
NEW CFPB Fires HMDA Warning Shots at 44 Lenders
NEW MGIC & Radian earnings; Trends in Borrower Equity; CFPB, HMDA, & 44 lenders
NEW Appraisal News; Webinars on PHH/CFPB, Selling Loans; Broker to Banker; Pumpkin Humor
NEW CFPB Penalizes Navy Fed; What PHH v. CFPB Means For Us
NEW Dissent in CFPB Case Foreshadows Lengthy Legal Battle
NEW 2015 HMDA Data and Dashboard; CFPB Weighs in on 1003 and HMDA Data; ALTA on CD
NEW CFPB Chief says Rules Have Leveled Credit Unions' Playing Field
NEW LOs, RESPA, and PHH - a Legal Take; CFPB to Register Non-Banks?
NEW SoFi to Raise Money; Wells and CFPB; List of Bank Regulators Makes Your Head Spin
NEW CFPB: Small Loan Appraisals, Construction Loans, DAPs, and Lots More
NEW CFPB Requests Comments on TRID Changes
NEW CFPB: Credit Unions, Research Conference, HMDA, Privacy Webinar, and YouTube Video
NEW CFPB Targets Servicer Technology in Updated Exam Procedures
NEW CFPB and Vendor Management Webinars; FHA/VA News; Brexit Primer
NEW Servicing Values Impacting Borrowers and Lenders; RESPA/CFPB Training and Events
NEW CFPB's Updates; HMDA Data in Latest Agreement - What It Means; Example of Non-ATR Loan
NEW What CFPB's Payday Proposals Might Mean for Residential Biz - Alternatives Springing Up
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NEW CFPB Addresses Bankruptcy; What MI Company Earnings Tell Us - Will Arch Buy a Competitor?
NEW CFPB to Reopen Know Before You Owe Rulemaking
NEW CFPB Offers Plans for TRID; Upcoming Events; Who's Afraid of HMDA?
NEW PHH/CFPB Battle to be Long and Arduous; PrimeLending and Mutual of Omaha's JV
NEW CFPB and Nonbank Servicers; Ex-CFPB Enforcement Attorney's Take on PHH/CFPB Hearing
NEW Redwood Trust, Prosper News; Ohio's Take on Minimum Wage for Sales Personnel; CFPB Webinar on TRID
NEW CFPB Invites Complaints About New Set of Lenders; Compliance Issues Hit Capital Markets
NEW CFPB Goals Shift Focus Away From Mortgages, Relatively
NEW TRID Survey; CFPB On Financial Innovation; Primary Dealers Still Top Dogs?
NEW Fannie/Freddie Clarify Buybacks; Will The CFPB Settle Discrimination Suit?
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NEW CFPB Criticized for Lack of Guidance
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