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NEW New Home Sales Jump In April
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Up On Inflation Worries
NEW Virgin Acquires Majority Stake In Family-Centered Mortgage Company
NEW Home Builder Confidence Is Down And Permitting Appears To Reflect It
NEW NAR Counterpunches After 60 Minute Segment on Discount Agents
NEW Mortgage Rates Remain Relatively Stable, Again
NEW Second Life Businesses Can Rake In Some Surprising Profits and Participants
NEW Is Virtual Real Estate More Than An Oxymoron?
NEW One Persons Stigma Could Be Anothers Selling Point
NEW Freddie Mac Housing Forecast Sees Slow Recovery
NEW Mortgage Rates and Applications Remain Relatively Flat
NEW Home Equity Still Being Pulled Despite Soft Housing Market
NEW NHMC and NAA Sue HUD over Language Requirements
NEW Drop In Investment Purchases Offsets Vacation Property Sales Gains
NEW Subprime Market Mess Update
NEW Mortgage Rates Inch Downward
NEW GAO To Look At Foreclosure Incidence and Causes After Hearings
NEW Existing Home Sales Drop At Fastest Rate In 18 Years
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop Along With Inflation Fears
NEW Banking and Housing Giants Testify About Subprime Solutions
NEW Watters v. Wachoiva - Supreme Court Sides With Feds In Bank Preemption Case
NEW Redfin Revisited: A Company To Watch
NEW Job Report Fuels Mortgage Rate Increases Across The Board
NEW Census and HUD Data Indicates That Builders Are Not Bouncing Back
NEW Senate Moves To Assist Homeowners On Two Fronts
NEW Groups Call For Forbearance For Troubled Mortgages
NEW Housing Recovery May Be Held Back By Oversupply
NEW Mortgage Rates Remain Quiet
NEW NAR Chief Economist Upbeat But Points To A Few Possible Problems
NEW HUD Report Cites Record High Rates Of Discrimination Complaints
NEW Convenants and Restrictions May Restrict Options For Your Castle
NEW Mortgage Rates Hold Steady While Applications Fall
NEW And Still More On The Subprime Fiasco
NEW Subprime Situation Spurs A Whole Lot Of Talk
NEW is Latest Competition for Zillow
NEW Subprime Situation Stabilizes - For Now
NEW Mortgage Applications and Rates See Little Change
NEW February New and Existing Home Sales Take Different Tracks
NEW Study Assesses Possible Risks and Impacts of Mortgage Resets
NEW Mortgage Rates Flatten As Does Application Activity
NEW Housing Market Shaky Not Plummeting
NEW MBA Urges Regulatory Restraint as Delinquency and Foreclosures Rise
NEW Subprime News + Mortgage Delinquency = Bad Day On Wall St.
NEW Mortgage Rates Kept In Check By Market Jitters
NEW Housing Weather Forecast For March Calls For Sun and Storms
NEW Fed Chair Calls For Changes In GSE Portfolios, Public Purpose
NEW Mortgage Licensing System Embraced By Some Slammed By Others
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop, Some To Lowest Levels In Serveral Months