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NEW TSY's Paulson Says Stimulus Has Helped U.S. Economy
NEW A Loaf of Bread for Z$200 Billion? Now That's Inflation
NEW Greenspan Says Regulator Role Will Undermine Fed's Credibility
NEW Chicago Business Barometer Bounces into Growth, Prices at 28-Year High
NEW After Weak U.S. Second-Quarter GDP, Economists Say Worse to Come
NEW Freddie Mac Doubles Financial Incentives to Servicers Who Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
NEW Thursday 7/31 At A Glance
NEW Thursday 7/31 ... Even Before At A Glance
NEW Thursday 7/31/08 ... Keep on keepin' on
NEW And Keep on Floating (again)
NEW Wednesday 7/30 ... Bad Tuesday followed by a good Wednesday
NEW Keep Floating (more to follow)
NEW Wednesday 7/30 ... Hello Again...
NEW Wednesday 7/30 ... At A Glance
NEW CIBC's Rubin Sees U.S. Inflation Hitting 6%
NEW Preview: Second Quarter GDP Expected to Post 2.3% Growth
NEW SEC Extends Rule Limiting Short Selling Until August 12
NEW Hope Now Alliance Saves 1.9 Million Homes From Foreclosure
NEW The Home Equity ATM Machine Slows in First Half of 2008
NEW Economist Calls U.S. ADP Employment Report "Grossly Over-Optimistic"
NEW Fed to Conduct Liquidity Operations Through January 2009, Introduces 84-Day TAF
NEW Wednesday's Events: ADP Employment, Cdn Five-Year Bond Auction, DOE Oil
NEW MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending July 25
NEW New 2008 Highs for Mortgage Rates
NEW Wednesday 7/30 ... In A Yellow Wood
NEW Wednesday 7/30 ... Still Looking Good
NEW Tuesday 7/29 ... Finding some support
NEW Case Shiller Index Graph
NEW Tuesday 7/29 .. Good Monday Followed By A Bad Tuesday
NEW slight cause for concern
NEW Tuesday 7/29 .. Breaking News
NEW Tuesday 7/29 ... At A Glance
NEW Are Rumors Rather than Reality Feeding Market Behavior?
NEW Case-Shiller U.S. Home Price Index Declines by Record Annual Levels in May
NEW U.S. Consumer Confidence Improves to 51.9 in July
NEW Tuesday's Events: U.S. Consumer Confidence, S&P/CS House Prices
NEW Tuesday 7/29 ... Some Scenery At The Close
NEW tuesday 7/29 Climbing Out Of The Canyon
NEW Monday 7/28 ... Update (no bad news...)
NEW Monday 7/28 Having Fun "In The Pool."
NEW Monday 7/28 ... At A Glance
NEW U.S. Treasury Will Borrow Record Amount for Second Fiscal Quarter
NEW White House Revises 2008, 2009 Budget Deficit
NEW Paulson Encourages Covered Bond Market to Increase Mortgage Financing
NEW Fed's Stern Says Credit Crunch to Last Longer, Could Get Worse
NEW U.S. Housing Bill Goes to President's Desk
NEW U.S. Dollar Under Downward Pressure to Start Week
NEW IMF Global Financial Stability Update Says Markets Remain Fragile
NEW Monday 7/28 ... Bad Friday, Followed By A Good Monday
NEW Monday 7/28 ... Graph