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NEW Treasury's Paulson Says it Was Easy to Recommend President Sign Housing Bill
NEW Plosser Says Rate Hike is Inevitable Even if Housing Prices Continue to Fall
NEW Wednesday's Events: Canadian CPI, DOE Oil, Fed's Beige Book
NEW Mortgage Rates Fall in Response to Speculation about Overnight Bank Rates
NEW U.S. Fed's Beige Book is Downbeat, But Few Surprises
NEW Wednesday 7/23/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Wednesday 7/23 Bounce!
NEW Tuesday 7/22/08 ... rebound
NEW Tuesday 7/22/08 .... Falling More
NEW Tuesday 7/22/08 .... Falling
NEW Tuesday 7/22/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Fed Discount Meeting Minutes See Fed Majority Take a Wait-and-See Approach
NEW House Prices Falls Less Than Expected in May, According to OFHEO
NEW Banks, Trade Groups Say that SEC Order Does Not Go Far Enough
NEW Fed's Plosser Calls for a Reversal in Monetary Policy
NEW Tuesday's Events: OFHEO Housing Index; Fed's Plosser
NEW Tsy Secretary Paulson Says Fannie and Freddie Vital to Financial System
NEW Monday 7/21/08 ... Worst Rates Of The Year
NEW Monday 7/21/08 ... An End To The Carnage?
NEW Treasury's Ryan Expects GSE Legislation to Pass Soon
NEW Fed Watch: Bernanke Testimony Focuses on Growth, FOMC Minutes Released
NEW The Week Ahead: U.S. Housing Data and Canadian Inflation
NEW Treasury Secretary Paulson Campaigns for GSE Bailout Plan
NEW Scotiabank Says Measures Will Not Prevent U.S. Economic Slowdown
NEW Could FDIC also be a "Predatory lender?"
NEW Monday 7/21/08 ... AT A GLANCE
NEW Monday 7/21/08 ... Pleased To Announce
NEW Friday 7/18/08 ... Moving Down Again
NEW Bouncing off the lows, but it still ain't pretty...
NEW New Lows...
NEW Near the lows of the day....
NEW Friday 7/18/08 ... More Back And Forth
NEW Friday 7/18/08 .... What?!
NEW Friday 7/18/08 .... At A Glance
NEW Bad News is Good News as Market Reacts to Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Earnings
NEW Fed's Stern Says Fed Can't Wait for End of Crisis to Raise Rates
NEW Major Tank
NEW Thursday 7/17/08 .... Kicking MBS While its Down
NEW Thursday 7/17/08 ... Philly Is In
NEW Thursday's Events: BOC MPC Report, U.S. Jobless Claims, Philly Fed Mfg Report
NEW Fed's Kroszner Says Fed Rules Will Affect Subprime and Alternative Mortgages
NEW U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to 366K in Week Ending July 12
NEW U.S. Housing Starts and Building Permits Soar in June
NEW Thursday 7/17/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Thursday 7/17/08 ... Not A Good Start
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Pushing Down
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Staying Really Ugly
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Dropping
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Bouncing back just slightly
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Down Already