5.5's now down to 100-08+

that's 7 ticks off on the day, and the rapidity of the drop either coincides with market close or is due to another factor that is yet unknown (as this has just happened in the last 30 seconds).

If it is the latter, we will update you as there may be a continued sell-off. If the former, all is as it should be since we suggested that price negativity was a probability today. If you still haven't locked, it's not certain that you will see more reprices for the worse if you've already had one today. But, if you've seen a reprice for the worse and a reprice for the better, it's a reasonable possibility you'll see a reprice for the worse.

If you've only gotten the one reprice for the worse so far, you should be ok until further notice. Now, whether or not the weakness will continue is another question. default advice... shorter the term (3 days or less), safer to lock. Longer the wait, safer to float, although the ridiculousness with which spreads have blown out recently is a bit of a concern on which we will bring you ongoing coverage.