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NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Pattern of Last Few Weeks - Little Movement
NEW Now the News picks Up! (should be a volatile day)
NEW Slight Drop
NEW Slight Improvement Over Yesterday with Limited Data
NEW Doubting the Viability of Fannie Mae
NEW Fannie Mae Reports Larger-Than-Expected Losses in Q1
NEW Fed's Q1 Senior Loan Officer Survey Shows Broad Tightening of Loan Standards
NEW Foreclosures Must Be Averted for Sake of Economy
NEW after the bell.
NEW Holding Steady For Now
NEW Some Rebound
NEW Starting to See Some Noise (the unpleasant kind)
NEW Task Force May Widen Federal and State Investigation into Mortgage Irregularities
NEW U.S. Treasury's Swagel Says U.S. Economy in Slowdown Not Recession
NEW Quiet Monday Morning for MBS
NEW Graph of Today's Action
NEW rebounding...
NEW What's in the Kool-Aid at the BLS?
NEW House Committee Aproves FHA "Short Pay" Loans
NEW Economy Loses Less Jobs Than Expected, Rates Suffer
NEW And We're Back Down Again
NEW Back To Floating
NEW heavy trading, prices tanking
NEW Dropping Again,
NEW UP/Down,
NEW For those of you that were nervous
NEW Are you Still On Board?
NEW U.S. Treasury's Ryan Sees Increasing Failed Trades in Treasuries
NEW Fed's Bernanke Says Impossible to Tell When Markets Will Normalize
NEW U.S. Construction Spending Falls 1.1% in March
NEW Not Many Positives Coming Out of Jumbo Market Changes
NEW Locking is safest, But Floating Beckons
NEW Now We're Rolling
NEW Improving
NEW Givething and Takething
NEW Yawn...
NEW How Boring...
NEW Still holding steady
NEW .25 point cut - more of the same verbiage
NEW Just to be aware as we move forward
NEW Down just a bit so far
NEW All Aboard!
NEW verbatim text of announcement
NEW Zillow, Always Creative, Puts a New Twist on Mortgage Lead Generation
NEW FOMC Cuts Target by 25 Bps to 2.00%, Says Economic Activity "Remains Weak"
NEW Inflation Fears Cast Shadow on Mortgage Rates and Applications Decline
NEW Still Good
NEW Here Comes The Sun...
NEW still strong