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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Confusion over 4506-T and The Shutdown - Lenders & Aggregator's Various Policies
NEW Shutdown Chatter; Maxine Waters Outraged by Her Own Flood Insurance Bill; M&A Activity
NEW Check out the FHA's QM Program Rules; New Penn Roles out Mini-Correspondent; DO Price Increase
NEW Who Owns an LO's Client List? The FHA Needs How Much? The MBA Addresses the Shutdown
NEW Don't Ignore The BSA; Potential Government Shutdown Entering Investor Updates; Nationstar Takes Down $41 Billion in Servicing?
NEW How a Government Shut Down Would Impact Lending
NEW More on Temporary Leave, Branch Manager Comp; are Companies Liable for Employee Fraud?
NEW Maternity Leave Loans; Branch & LO Comp Under QM; Implications of a Conventional Loan Amount Cut
NEW Internet Lenders Advertising; QM & Rural Development; Farmers & FinCEN; Investor Updates
NEW State & Investor Updates; Nationstar 'Growing Pains'; Are Gift Cards a RESPA Violation?
NEW Wells Production Layoffs; PennyMac Non-Agency Deal; Non-QM Developments; MBa is Tough to Type
NEW More on QM & Non-QM Production Possibilities; Cortland Leaving Wholesale and Other Bank M&A News
NEW Things are Good in Servicing, Credit Unions and MI; Will the Industry Embrace Non-QMLoans?
NEW Reverse Mortgage Changes; VA Benefits Changing; Producing Branch Managers Endangered?
NEW CFPB Unleashes Amendments to ECOA, RESPA, and TILA; is The FHA Doing Better or Isn't it?
NEW CFPB Cordray's Testimony - Who Will Regulate the Regulator? Talk About Preparing for a CFPB Exam
NEW Even the Big Boys are Supposedly Easing Lending Standards; Sterling / Umpqua Merger; Citi Layoffs
NEW Richmond Approves Eminent Domain; Lender Updates: Goodbye Overlays, Hello TICs, 125s, and Non-QM Loans
NEW Thoughts on Purchase Biz; Gritty Predictions from Wells & Chase; SEC QRM Comment Site
NEW Stonegate Prepares for IPO; Changes in Texas Laws & LO Requirements; Compliance for Broker to Banker
NEW Are LOs Liable for Illegal Comp Plans? You Bet they Are!; Genworth's take on QM/QRM; Builders Tweak Financing
NEW Eminent Domain Setback; Upcoming Repurchase Thoughts; Employment Data Primer; 5yr GSE Anniversary--Would You There?
NEW Provident Cuts IOs; Ellie Mae up for Sale? Do Brokers Have to Keep 5% of Their Production?
NEW Mini-Corr Risks for Brokers; Will Joint Ventures and Affilated Relationships be Banned? Do QM Loans Mean no Lawsuits?
NEW Deals from Radian & Freddie, Prosperity and F&M Bank & Trust; MBA's Per Loan Profit Numbers; Comp Survey Expanded
NEW What has 500 Pages, 3 letters, and What Does it All Mean?
NEW Chase's $6 Billion Lawsuit; Will Your Vendor be Ready for the CFPB's Changes?
NEW QRM - tomorrow; More on Fingerprints; Changing LO Comp; Purchases Worth More than Refis?
NEW Reg. Z Appraisal Reminder; Can LO Commission Change Due to Investor? Do LO Fingerprints Expire?
NEW Readers Contribute: Rapid Rescoring, Defining Affiliated Business Relationships, Renting Space in a Realtor's Office and Appraisal Compliance
NEW Foreclose Timelines; VA Net Value Change; Bank & Credit Union M&A Rolls on Unabated
NEW Economic Numbers are Good, but Mortgage Industry Contracting; LoanDepot & iMortgage to Tie the Knot
NEW Broker's Share of Biz Drops; Fannie & Freddie Update Policies Including QM/ATR, ULDD, and Fees
NEW Realtor's In-House Lenders & Builder/Lender Offices; FinCen compliance; Are Non-Competes Valid?
NEW Appraisal AIR Links; Last Week's CFPB Changes Including ATR/QM; Upcoming Training & Seminars
NEW Servicing Revenues Gain Importance; Lender Margin Survey; LO Comp an Ongoing Issue; Amazing All-Cash Buyer Numbers
NEW HUD Weighs in on Eminent Domain; Berkshire Buys More of Wells; Will QM=QRM?
NEW Europe's Economy Improving; Issue With Freddie Increasing Market Share; Rate Locks Continue Down
NEW Fraud Stats Overstated; Mortgage Banker Margins; Fine-Tuning Nation's LO and Lender Numbers
NEW CFPB goes after PNC; TARP Lawsuit; STRATMOR Survey on Response to Higher Rates
NEW BofA Legal Woes; Primer on Eminent Domain, Its Tax Consequences, and its Lawsuits
NEW State-Level Lending Changes; How Long to Keep LO Web Ads
NEW Reverse Mortgages in the News; the President's Mortgage Pan & MBA's response; FDIC Videos on Interest Rate Risk
NEW LO Comp Implications and the Recent CFPB Complaint; Obama Housing Speech Today
NEW Higher Flood Insurance Costs are Here to Stay; Upcoming Conferences & Training Events
NEW Are LOs Legally Liable for Their Company's Comp Plan?
NEW Definition of a "Mortgage Application"
NEW Eminent Domain Embraced by California City; No Mel Watt Vote until September; Libor Lawsuits
NEW EverBank to Focus on Correspondent; CFPB on ECOA & ARM Disclosures; FHA MIP Disclosure Issues
NEW Freddie's Risk-Sharing Deal; Jumbo Rate Discrepancies Across Channels; LO Affiliated Business Arrangements