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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Risk Sharing Update; Condo Lending; MSA News Interpretation
NEW Upcoming Training and Events; More TRID Developments
NEW Webinar About MSA News; Fifth Third settles; Caliber Under Investigation; LoanDepot IPO
NEW New Reps & Warrants From Fannie and Freddie; Millennial Trends
NEW TRID Flubs, Fluffs, PR Victories, Training; Fannie/Freddie Weigh in on Enforcement
NEW New Products; Capital Markets Changes; Credit Default Swap News
NEW Upcoming Events and Training; TRID Implementation Facts and Rumors
NEW Hoped-For TRID Leniency Won't Stop Lawsuits; Banks Declining; MI Updates; Rates Decline on Job Data
NEW Lending to Asian Americans; MBS Issuance Numbers; Lender Receives $1 Billion in Funding
NEW Cordray Speaks Out on TRID; Latinos, Household Growth, Culture, and The Housing Market
NEW TRID - Ready or Not, Here it Comes - How Some Lenders Continue to Try to Educate
NEW Upcoming Events; Ginnie/FHA Updates Impacting Primary/Secondary Markets
NEW CFPB Fines, Final Rules, Readiness Guide, Defining Rural Lenders, Updated Exam Procedures
NEW New Lender Products; Oakland Sues Wells Fargo, PNC Closed How Many Branches?
NEW GSE Reform Analysis; Tons of Fannie and Freddie Changes; New Products
NEW TRID Webinars Galore; PIMCO Increases Mortgage Presence While Others Scale Back
NEW Update on Ocwen; Wells Fargo, FHA, and The False Claims Act
NEW Lender TRID Updates; Lender's FHA & VA Changes; FOMC Statement
NEW Cybercrime Continues to Hit Lenders; TRID Training; Lender Buys Bank; How to Sell a House Fast
NEW Trends in Credit Scores, Non-QM, And Subprime
NEW The Intersections of Regulation, Politics, and Lending - Never a Dull Moment
NEW Another False Claims Settlement; Credit Unions Growing Membership and Lending
NEW TRID is Everywhere; Cost of Regulation for Banks and Nonbanks
NEW Hot Housing Markets; Government Intervention - Does it Always Help Housing?
NEW TRID Webinars and Developments; Unmistakable Trends in Capital Markets
NEW TRID - "Zero" is Not "No" Tolerance; Catching Up With Vendor/MI Updates
NEW The Price of Messing up on TRID; Agency New and Updates
NEW FHA Webinar, DTC Workshop; Blackstone & Mortgage Insurance; Lots of FHA Developments
NEW Analyst's Take on Stonegate; Lots of TRID Resources; Logos on Home Tool Kit?
NEW Lender Management Changes; BofA and M&T Settlements; Upcoming Training/Events
NEW CFPB news; Hispanic Influence Growing; Care and Training of Millennials; Rents are LOs Friend
NEW First American RESPA Case; Plenty of Changes in FHA, VA, & USDA
NEW Comp. Survey, Depository Bank Rankings; State-Level Lending Changes; Q2 Mortgage Profits
NEW Agency Updates; Spate of Housing Economic News
NEW FHA/PACE Update; Volatility/Hedge Costs/Refinancing/Servicing Connection
NEW TRID Buyback Risk Webinar; Student Debt Figures; Richard Cordray on MSAs
NEW Vendor Management; Current Foci of Capital Markets; A Lender Worth $4 billion?
NEW FDIC Goes After BNY Mellon; Agency Affordable Housing Goals Little Changed; Investor Updates
NEW Agency Updates; HELOC Interest Among Borrowers
NEW NAR & RESPA Violations; BB&T Acquisition; FHA Handbook Training; Jumbo Market Alive and Well?
NEW Recapping The Plethora of Recent CFPB Updates
NEW Goldman's Settlement; CFPB and Mortgage Insurance; IRS' W-2 Proposal
NEW Disparate Impact White Paper; Credit Union Market Share is How High?
NEW MI Update; Upcoming Events; Company Earnings Speak to Housing/Mortgage Market Health
NEW HUD Settles with Two Lenders; Trends in Home Buying; Ginnie News
NEW Non-Performing Loan Purchaser, Training & Events; Product and Underwriting Changes
NEW eSignature Progress; Agency News in Primary Markets; Fannie Earnings
NEW M&T Under Investigation; Cool Trends in Capital Markets
NEW CA Disaster News; Training Related to Millennials, and Their Impact on Housing
NEW QM & QRM Report; Closing & Servicing Costs March Higher