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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW More on CashCall; The Primary/Secondary Rate Difference; Higher Agency Fees Will Hurt Agency Production
NEW FAMC Cuts Jumbo Fixed; CashCall Lawsuit; Upcoming Training Events & Vendor Changes
NEW State-Level News; QM FAQ; Bank M&A & Closures Continue
NEW A Number of Thoughts on Fannie & Freddie; How Big are Modern Loan Files?
NEW Bullet Dodged on Volcker Rule; Mortgage Bank Profits Plummet; Banks to Take Losses on 2nd Mortgages?
NEW Adverse Market Fee Going Away, but G-Fees Going Up; Mortgage Insurance Overhaul; Investor Updates
NEW ACLU Sues FHFA; FHA Loan Limit Changes - Not a Big Deal, or Yet Another Constriction?
NEW CFPB's Take on QM; QM & HECMs; Ellie Mae's Encompass Issue for Pipeline Hedging; Nations Direct Opens Correspondent
NEW Clarification on Agency QM status; Fitch, Moody's, and Ocwen's Take on Non-QM Loans
NEW BB&T Exits TPO; Impac Holdings to Sell AmeriHome; MBA Provides Guidance on 3% Points and Fees
NEW Bank M&A update; Is Unemployment Data Relevant Anymore?
NEW Trends in MBS & ARM Issuance; Freddie on Tornado Region; RESPA on Gifts for Referrals
NEW Generally Good News in the Housing Market; No Change to Conforming Loan Limits
NEW Affiliated Fees to Included in 3% or not?; "Funding" Versus "Closing" - Pick One!
NEW CFPB & Credit Card Programs; CRA update; Moody's & Brokers; Blackstone Owns how many Houses?
NEW FHA Loan Difficulties; Monitoring Counterparties, Affiliate Fees; Selling Loans Servicing Retained?
NEW New Citi Correspondent Chief; Thoughts on Buybacks; Over 2,000 Pages to Support Simpler Disclosures?
NEW CFPB vs. Payday Lender; Rating Agencies Watch QM; Confusion Over Bona Fide Discount Points
NEW CFPB & RMIC; New Mortgage Form Chatter; Thoughts on Hedging Non-QM Loans
NEW The Argument for the Fed Reducing MBS Purchases; 35 business days til QM; PACE Loan Update
NEW Why You Should Care about Mount Holly Gardens; Thoughts on M&A for Lenders; 36 business Days for QM
NEW Eminent Domain is Still With us; What Pimco Shrinking Means; Investor Updates
NEW J.D. Powers' Mortgage Survey; 38 Business Days Until QM - Chance of Delay, CFPB's Counseling Site
NEW CFPB & HUD Reviewing Green Tree and Overdraft Programs; Investor Updates; 39 Days Until QM
NEW Freddie & QM; CFPB & Consumer DataCollection; Bank M&A Continues
NEW Training, Vendor, & Investor Updates; 40 business Days until QM - What's the Big Deal?
NEW Flagstar and Castle & Cooke; MBS Margin Requirements Could Hurt Locks, Pricing and Borrowers
NEW Thoughts on Successful Retail Lender Traits; Nationstar & Stonegate Sittin' in a Tree
NEW Ally Says Adios; Should We Care About Mel Watt? Fannie's Current QM Guidance - Worth Knowing
NEW Attorneys Weigh in on QM and its Impact on Buybacks & Liabilities; Upcoming Events
NEW Citi Non-Agency Deal; CFPB Goes After Affiliate Business Relationships; RESPA & Gifts
NEW Mel Watt Nomination Blocked - For Now; New Fannie Lawsuit
NEW Suntrust Exits Wholesale; Letters from Waters & NAR; Thoughts on the MBA Conference Atmosphere
NEW Mel Watt & Elizabeth Warren Making Some News; Lender & Investor News
NEW Mortgage jobs; more on QM & underwriting risks in the new world; what about loan limits & gfees?
NEW Vendors Offering QM Products; QM's Impact on MI, Investor Updates
NEW BofA Cuts 4,200; More QM vs Non-QM Risks; Citi Selling $63B of servicing; Propect Mortgage's NY Fine
NEW Update from the Agencies and Informal Notes QM; Lender Updates
NEW HARP Date Change; New Coop & Wholesaler; Setback for Jumbo Securities; MBA Conference Coming Up!
NEW ESNT Starts Trading; Agency Updates; Primer on Primary-Secondary Spread
NEW Webinar on Compliance Issues; State-Level Updates; What is a Fannie "Defect Rate"?
NEW Non-QM is Not the Same as Subprime; More Wells Layoffs; Rates are Cooperating (This Week)
NEW SunTrust & RFC Scaling Back; Compatability Survey for M&A Deals; "Can I Close My Loan Now?"
NEW Lawsuits from NAIHP, NCUA, New York; Agency & Investor Updates
NEW MIC Cuts Back Lending due to Dodd-Frank; LO Retirement Contribution; FHA in the Shutdown
NEW Opposing Views of FHA's Health; MERS Keeps on Truckin'; JPM and Wells Earnings
NEW Stonegate, Freedom, and NMI in the Stock Market; CFPB Penalizes Two Lenders on HMDA Violations
NEW Lots Going on in the Mortgage Insurance Biz; Investor & Vendor Updates Continue
NEW CFPB Tools for Research; 4506-T Indemnification Thoughts; Parts of PHH up for Sale?
NEW Bank Earnings Coming Friday - Bank Updates; State-Level Changes; Thoughts on the Current M&A Environment for Lenders