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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Amerisave's $19 Million CFPB fine; Ginnie & Nonbank Servicers; New Correspondent and Non-QM Programs
NEW Change in FHA Leadership; Servicing Continues to Trade - Changes in CT? Vendor Updates
NEW Catching Up with the MBA and CFPB on Privacy, RESPA-TILA, Reg. C, and Servicing Rules
NEW Ellie Snags AllRegs; What Investor & Builder Earnings Tell Us About the Industry
NEW Why Mergers Work - Or Don't; Non-QM Continues to Grow; What is RMBS 3.0?
NEW Wells Loosens Jumbo Standards; Appendix Q Clarification for Rent; LOs and Minimum Wage
NEW New York Versus Ocwen - Again; The Cost of a Perfect Loan; Upcoming Training
NEW Appraiser Numbers Dwindling; One Security for Fannie & Freddie? Jumbo Loans Booming; ICE & MERS
NEW Potential FHLB Merger; What Higher Rates Mean for Banks; State Updates; Fee to Use Libor
NEW JD Powers Report on Servicing; Non-Vanilla Securitization Market Heating Up
NEW The Importance of FinCEN & SARS; Fannie/Freddie Updates; Upcoming Events
NEW New Products; Regions Bank's Cuts; PHH, NationStar in the News; Radian/NAREB Partnership
NEW RESPA-TILA Update; HMDA Changes in the Wind; FinCen SAR Stats; New IM System for Banks?
NEW Big Changes at Ginnie; GSE Updates; Zillow Buying Trulia?
NEW Banks and Lenders Buying Each Other & Financial Services Companies - Does it Make Sense?
NEW CIT Group to buy OneWest; Thoughts on Non-QM products; Recent Changes in FHA, VA, & HECM
NEW Current State of Risk in Mortgage Market; Lots of Upcoming Events
NEW Home Value Forecasts; Non-QM and Non-Performing Loan Price Action; CMLA on FHFA OIG Report
NEW More on Appendix Q; Pre-Disclosure Restrictions; CFPB on Complaint Sharing; Big Bank Bankruptcy Plans
NEW Surprising Pull Through Research; Float Down Lock White Paper; Chase May do What?
NEW Maybe the Student Debt Problem is Overblown? Lots of Upcoming Training Opportunities
NEW Differences Between Broker and Mini-Corr; Jumbo Deals; Lender Financing Alternatives
NEW New Rep & Warrant Product; Citi Settles; What Wells' Earnings Tell Us; Adios Mini-Corr?
NEW Bank Mergers Continue; Lots on The MI Industry Updates
NEW CFPB Addresses Death; Servicing News; New Investors Popping Up
NEW Revised Housing & MBS Forecasts; CRA Education; Impac's Alt-QM
NEW Why You Don't Want CFPB Handling Your Remodel; ECOA/HMDA Review Types
NEW Financing Options Increase; Mortgage Banker M&A; Question on QM Rental Income Underwriting
NEW Vendor and Mortgage Insurance Company News; The Unemployment Data's Impact on Rates
NEW Non-Bank Servicers Under the Microscope - Who Will Service Loans?; HELOC Problems Ahead?
NEW Stearns vs. Prospect Verdict; FinCen & Fannie Mae; We're Done With Half of 2014 Already?
NEW Defense of VA Fees; Force-Placed Insurance Update; Overcoming Non-QM Loan Liabilities
NEW Marketing HARP; Stearns' Name Change; LEAP News & Lender Updates
NEW New Century, Carrington, & RFC Legal News; MI Master Policy News; FHA's LEAP Difficulties
NEW Pay Attention to Diversity in Counterparties; State-Level Changes of nNote; Recent HECM News
NEW Why Mergers Work (or Don't); Interesting Best-Ex Info; ABA & SunTrust; Goldman Sachs' Fiasco Program
NEW ABA Renews Freddie's Alliance; Agency & Non-Agency Lawsuit News; Analyst Digs at Stonegate
NEW FHLBs Moratorium on Captive Insurers; CFPB Under Fire; Basel III Delay?
NEW Ex-Fannie CEO now Prospect's CEO; Force-Placed Insurance Primer; BNY Mellon's New Mortgage Securitization Plan
NEW SunTrust, Ocwen Settlements; Mortgage Investors Borrowing From FHLBs
NEW Supreme Court to Hear LO Overtime Case; Tons of Training and Events
NEW CFPB Openings/Salaries; LO Comp Splits, Referral Fees; Why do People Move?
NEW Very Interesting Non-Agency/Jumbo News; CFPB Fines a Title Company
NEW MBA Reports on Lack of Profits for Mortgage Banks; Homebuilder's Misleading Ads; More Mergers
NEW Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Impact on Lenders; Lots of Upcoming Training and Events
NEW CFPB & AMCs; Lots of Lender Updates; New Non-QM Investor; Who is Connective?
NEW Credit Availability Increasing; CFPB's Supervisory Highlights; Student Debt
NEW Before You Chime in on G-Fee Changes, Know The Implications; More Bank Mergers
NEW Student Loan's Impact on Housing; FHA's Recent Numbers; Lender Updates
NEW COFI Primer; Agency Stock Drama; Upcoming Events Including Bowling and Breakfasts