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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Good News for Thornburg; Upcoming Events and Training; Investor News
NEW Private Mortgage Insurance Company Changes and News; Vendor Updates
NEW Good News for Lenders in RFC Case; Bank M&A Continues - SoFi to Purchase Zenbanx
NEW CFPB Enforcement Action - Realtors Take Note About Referral Fees; GSE news; Jumbo Program Trends
NEW Upcoming Events and Training; Walter and Reverse Mortgages
NEW Home Point Puys Stonegate; Citi Bails on Servicing Biz; Demographics Helping Lenders
NEW Redfin Launches Mortgage Co; Lender's Appraisal, Pricing, and Disaster Updates
NEW Government News; Glass Steagall Primer; Ginnie & Capital Markets News
NEW Bank M&A Continues; Primer on LIBOR; What if the Fed Stops Buying MBS?
NEW Bad News for Wells, HomeStreet, Banc of California, Citi, and Others; CFPB Advisory Spots Open
NEW Guild & Quicken in the Media; 2 Sides to the FHA About-Face; Events/Conferences
NEW Vendor News and New Products; Agency News and Updates--Stocks Slammed by Mnuchin
NEW Chase Settles Discrimination Issue; FHA Program Roiled by MIP Rumors
NEW Deutsche Settles; Investor Requirement and Underwriting Changes
NEW Legal and Regulatory Update; Credit Risk Transfers; 2016 Non-Agency Issuance Stats
NEW Primer on HUD and Carson Testimony, Thoughts on MIP Cut, and Reduced Government Footprint
NEW Reverse Mortgage Trends: NY Proposal, HECM Purchase Program, and Upcoming Conference
NEW The Ceaseless Lender and Investor FHA, VA, Fannie, Freddie Program Changes
NEW Cybersecurity Training and Other Events; FHA's Premium Cut Helpful for Some; Vendor Updates
NEW Quicken's Parent Expands, Lots of Training and Events; Wage Inflation Primer
NEW Rent Trends Helping Lenders; Surprising New Fraud Issue; Pent-Up Demand
NEW Training/Webinars; Bank Mergers Continue - How Many Banks Were There in 1921?
NEW Credit Companies Penalized; FHA and VA Lender Changes
NEW CFPB Thoughts; Credit Suisse Settles; F&F Changes; Company Fined For a Boat Cruise?
NEW Updates on 2nds; Pricing/Fee Changes; United Shore Settles with DOJ on FHA violations
NEW PHH Sheds More Servicing; Flood Insurance News; Jumbo, Conforming, and Appraisal Changes
NEW Lender/Realtor Connections Ramping Up; Quicken in The News; Young Folks Following Affordability
NEW CFPB/HMDA/Reg. Z Changes; Big Bank/Lender Underwriting Changes; Upcoming Events
NEW Compliance and Regulatory Trends; DOJ Wishes Barclays a Merry Christmas
NEW Banks Buying Non-Banks; Lehman vs Loandepot and iMortgage
NEW Fannie and Freddie Updates Including Duty to Serve, Risk Sharing, HARP, HAMP, ULDD, etc.
NEW CFPB and HUD Fire Away Into the Holidays, and Outline 2017's Priorities
NEW Ginnie and FHA news; Pay Attention to Yield Curve and Fed Balance Sheet
NEW CFPB, Regulatory, and Legal News; Plywood Endangered in Ohio
NEW Disaster, Flood, and Water News; The Fed Raised Rates - The Sun Still Rose
NEW Product News; Training/Events; Bank News; UW Changes; How Big is Big?
NEW Ally's Consumer Direct Rollout; Jumbo News; Lender and Loan Amoung Changes
NEW Credit Trends; Training/Events; Capital Markets News (Plenty of New Acronyms)
NEW Lehman Legal Update; Capital Markets Changes for the Good - MBS From SoFi?
NEW CFPB Targets Reverse Lenders; MBA Reports on Lender Profits; Legal Trends
NEW Recapping Existing Home Sales; Reverse Mortgage Conference and Issuance Trends
NEW Vendor News Including eClosing; Pending Home Sales Primer; FHA/VA Changes
NEW MBA's Guidance on 2017 Volumes; Conventional Conforming Changes
NEW Agency's Future up For Grabs; Loan Amount Changes - FHA's 2017 Levels
NEW UDAAP and Title Webinars; Allied Found Guilty; Lender Rankings
NEW CFPB Appraisal News; Non-Agency MBS Update
NEW Webinars, Conferences, and Training; Pondering Politics' Effects on Housing/Lending
NEW Investor Updates; Conventional Conforming Program Changes - Do Loan Limits Still Matter?
NEW Ben Carson at HUD? More on PHH v. CFPB; Vendor Management Vendor Updates; Refis Continue to Drop
NEW FHA/VA Lender Changes; Declining Number of Banks; Training/Events