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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Closing, U/W Products; Vendor Capital Infusion; URLA Webinar, Training
NEW Broker/Dealer, Sales Products; Jumbo/High Balance Trends
NEW Broker, Digital, Customer Retention Products; FHA, VA, Ginnie Changes
NEW U/W Products; Digital White Paper; 40% of MLOs Close How Much Total Volume?
NEW Digital, U/W, Recruiting Products; Workflow Automation Survey
NEW Construction, Subservicer, Reverse Products; Technology Options Report
NEW LO, AE Jobs; Broker and Warehouse Products; Conventional Conforming News
NEW Budgeting, Comp Products; Sales, Government Investigation Webinars
NEW Training, Reno, Appraisal Products; Compliance Warning; FHFA, Fannie, Freddie News
NEW Broker, Underwriting, MSR Products; Bank, Lender, and Credit Union News
NEW HELOC, Closing Cost, Loan Trading Products; Tech Survey
NEW Non-QM, TPO, Marketing Products; 2-yr Yield Lower Than Overnight FF - What is Moving Rates?
NEW Customer Service Products; Training and Conferences Coming up Soon; Capital Markets
NEW Vendor Mgt., Reno, Pricing Products; Lender Disaster Updates
NEW Correspondent Products; FHA, VA, Ginnie, and Lender News
NEW Anti-fraud, Affordable Housing Products; Fintech Cap Raise; Agency News; Remember QE?
NEW Broker, Referral, DPA, and SRP Products; May Training and Events; New Lender and MI Products
NEW Training, Reno, Underwriting, and Recruiting Products; Misc. Vendor News
NEW eNote, Underwriting, and Compliance Products; Non-QM and Ginnie Securities Update
NEW Broker, Underwriting, Tax Products; Conventional/Conforming News, and an MSR Valuation Primer
NEW Portfolio, Construction Products; eNote and eClosing News; Upcoming Training
NEW Appraisal, eNote, Operating System Products; New Programs From Lenders
NEW Compliance, Servicemember Products; The CFPB is Alive and Well
NEW Apr. 26: Marketing, LO jobs; tech, non-QM products; HFA/DPA news; training & events; TBA trading tool
NEW Warehouse, Underwriting Products; Agency News; Capital Markets Update
NEW Non-QM, Document Products; News From FHA, VA, HFAs; Compass and API
NEW Subservicer Products; Vendor Updates - Raising Money, Buying Lenders, and Using Blockchain
NEW Non-QM, HELOC Products; Specified Pool Primer; LO Comp and Licensing Update
NEW Paper on FHA Changes; Tech Report; Compliance and Ops News
NEW Non-QM Products; Mortgage Mergers Roll On; QE Still Influencing Rates - a Primer
NEW Coaching, Underwriting, and Franchise Products; Tech Study; Fed Speeches This Week
NEW Marketing, HELOC Comp, Post-closing Products; New Broker Products
NEW Condo, Referral Products; Upcoming Events; Investing in the Industry Takes Many Forms
NEW Underwriting, Bid Tape Tools; Fannie/Freddie, Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW Broker, Automation, and Coaching Products; Asset Sale; Today's Market Movers
NEW Capital Markets; Single Security Playbook; Vendor-Mania!
NEW HELOC, Jumbo, Non-QM, and Broker Products; Bank Mergers, Capital Markets
NEW Appraisal and Construction Products; Lots of Events; Agency Changes
NEW Capital Markets; Disclosure, FHA Products; Primer on Servicing Values
NEW Outsourcing, Marketing, and Broker Products; Non-conforming and Jumbo Trends
NEW Recruiting, Non-QM, Broker Products; Tech Survey; Vendor News
NEW HELOC, Non-QM, and Rural Products; Credit News and Shifts in Guidelines
NEW Warehouse, Broker Products; Banc of California Exit; Coast to Coast Training and Events
NEW LO Jobs; Fannie/Freddie Changes; President to Promote Competition Using Housing Policy
NEW LO Jobs Nationwide; Digital Products; Lenders Changing What Borrowers Access and See
NEW eMortgage, Loan Trading Products; Comp Survey Findings; Lender Disaster News
NEW Non-QM, Underwriting Products; Why Rates are This Low, Impact on Refi Population
NEW Enforcement Action Webinar; Non-QM Snapshot; German 10-year Yield Drops Below 0%
NEW Vendor Management, Appraisal, and Compliance Products; FHA Changes Turning Heads
NEW Sales, Investor, Construction Products; Servicing Study; Citi's Penalty