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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Sales and Underwriting Products; Conventional Conforming Lender and Investor Changes
NEW Capital Markets, Condo Products; LO Turnover Study; Conv. Conforming Changes
NEW Automation Products; Misc. Vendor News; Political News Impacting Rates
NEW Sales Products and Webinars; Freedom Joins FHA/VA Pricing Competition
NEW Condo, Sales, and Business Intelligence Products; Freddie and Fannie Program Changes
NEW Subservicer, Non-Agency Products; World Debt Increasing; Primer on "Duration" and Mortgage Pricing
NEW Manufactured Home and Capital Markets Products; Radian Expands; Big Banks' Mortgage Volumes
NEW LO Resources; CRM, PR, and Sales Products; January Training
NEW Secondary Marketing; Digital and Property Inspection Products; Radian's RADAR Rate Product
NEW Marketing, Ops Jobs; Non-QM Products; Ginnie's Bright Resigns
NEW Appraisal Products; Events This Week; New Buydown, Second Look Products
NEW Database, Section 184 Products; Lennar/Eagle Lawsuit; Mergers Continue Nationwide
NEW Homebuyer Product; Sample of Vendor News; Rates Reflecting Slowdown
NEW Non-QM, Joint Venture Products; Agency Shutdown News; Flat Rates in 2019?
NEW Digital Products; January Events; Basic Primer on how Rate Sheet Pricing is Set
NEW LO Opportunities; Warehouse, Marketing Products; VA Cash-out Changes
NEW Dec. 31: Rates, the Fed, World Economies, Affordability, and the Shutdown
NEW FHA and VA Changes; Agency Deals Continue to Share Risk
NEW Marketing Products; Shutdown Update, Flood Insurance Setback; Over 1,400 Vendors?
NEW Another Mortgage Settlement; Shutdown Update for Lenders; Rates are low Because...
NEW Rise and Fall; A Close Look Into What's Moving Rates; Agency Updates
NEW Loan Defect Report; Shutdown and Possible Impact on Lenders; Verus Non-QM Deal
NEW Warehouse Predictive Products; Vendor News; Rate Hike Squeezing Lenders and Banks
NEW Vendor Search and Tech Tools; Lender Mergers Continue; Global Slowdown Pushing U.S. Rates
NEW Banks Buying Lenders and Other Banks, Report on Merger Activity; Capital Markets Update
NEW Compliance and Documentation Products; Loan Limit Changes in the Primary Markets
NEW Books by Lenders, For Lenders; False Claims Act Rears it's Head; LO Products and Services
NEW Non-QM and Warehouse Products; STRATMOR Tech Insight Study
NEW CRM and Recruiting Products; December Training; Dr. Calabria and FHFA Leadership
NEW Broker and Front-End Products, Subservicer Webinar; Rates Watching Overseas' Markets
NEW Warehouse Products; Vendor/Service Provider Directory; Yield Curve Primer
NEW Profitability Products; New Penn Re-Branded; What is Pushing Rates Lower
NEW LO Products; December Events and Training; Servicing Sale With CRA Loans
NEW Sales Jobs and Promotions; Education Products; Bond Market Watching Jobs and China
NEW Paper on Fraud; FDIC and Non-Bank Lending; The Fed to Start Watching OBFR Instead of Fed Funds?
NEW Fraud and Subservicing Products; Training and Events; Fed Speech Moves Rates
NEW Non-QM Product, Construction Webinar; Lender and Bank Mergers
NEW Sales, Branding, Non-QM Products; "Don't Fight the Fed" When it Comes to Rates
NEW Origination, Non-QM, LO Products; U.S. Economy Continues to Chug Along
NEW Ginnie Primer for MLOs; Freddie and Fannie Deals Continue, Transferring Risk
NEW Underwriting Product; New Correspondent Investor; Lender Disaster News
NEW CRA Requirement Study; World Economies Pushing US Rates Lower; LO Resources
NEW Lehman Litigation Webinar; Upcoming Events and Training; New Products
NEW Profitability and Commission Products; HELOCs, Servicing, Digital...Geocoding Bid Tapes!
NEW Accounting, Subservicing, Warehouse Products; Freddie and Fannie Changes Roll On
NEW Non-QM and Construction Products; Training and Events Nationwide and at Home
NEW Vendor and Management Products; Fannie and Freddie Updates; LIBOR Replacement News
NEW Construction and HELOC Products; Non-QM Webinars; Mr. Cooper PUF Acquisition Details
NEW Income and Subservicer Webinars; Lender Disaster News Continues
NEW Election Day: Recruiting, HELOC Products; New Conduit Offering Proprietary Loans