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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW LO, AE Jobs, Non-QM and e-Recording Products; Fannie/Freddie Conforming News
NEW Tech, Digital, and Sales Products; Rates Edge Higher on Speculation
NEW Home Equity and JV Products; Upcoming Events; Credit-Based Lender Changes
NEW Flood, Volcano, Hurricane, and Disaster News; Lender Updates
NEW LO Training and Conferences; Teams With Different Comp Plans?
NEW Pricing, Efficiency, and Operations Products; California DRE Changes
NEW Sales and Broker Products; Freddie and Fannie Updates
NEW Broker Products; Blockchain Transaction; Input on DACA Loans
NEW Construction, Warehouse Products; Free LO Comp Webinar; Shifting UW Criteria
NEW UW and API products; FHA/VA/Ginnie Updates; DACA Policy
NEW TPO Products; OB/Resitrader Deals; New Tariffs Announced
NEW Training and Recruiting Products; Banking News; Loan Financing Needed
NEW Events and Webinars for Lenders; BFCP/CFPB Updates - Lawsuit Dropped
NEW State-level Investor Changes - Lending Law Tweaks; Economics Moving Rates
NEW Securitization and Agency Risk Transfers Continue to Shape Capital Markets
NEW Digital and Accounting Products; Lenders Shifting Tactics; UCD News
NEW General Lending Environment Trends; July Events; What's Moving Rates?
NEW Tax and MI Products; Sample of Vendor Updates; Hedging Long-Term Locks
NEW Warehouse and Marketing Products; Lender Legal Changes out West
NEW Non-QM and Investment Property Products; Lender and Bank Mergers
NEW Secondary and Marketing Products; Capital Raise; FHA, VA, HUD, USDA, Ginnie News
NEW Wells' Layoffs; CRA Survey; Upcoming Training/Events; Jumbo News
NEW GSE Chatter - Another Government Plan; Conventional Conforming Updates
NEW LO Resources; Doc and 1003 Products; Lender Credit Guideline Shifts
NEW Credit Scoring and HR Products; Freddie and Fannie - Never Standing Still
NEW LO Training and Events; Trade Turmoil's Effect on Rates
NEW Compliance and Construction Products; Legal Changes for Lenders on the East Coast
NEW Compliance, Fraud Prevention Products; Lenders' Digital Notes and Closings
NEW Digital Marketing Products; Freddie and Fannie Secondary Activity Picks Up
NEW Lender Events; Inflation, Interest Rates, and the Fed
NEW Processing, Warehouse, and Non-QM Products; Why Bank Mergers are Picking Up
NEW The Ever-Changing World of Private Mortgage Insurance; Capital Markets
NEW Underwriting, Accounting Products; Fannie and Freddie Continue to Shift Risk
NEW Fraud Products; Upcoming Events, Training, and Webinars
NEW Escrow, Warehouse, Retention Products; Freddie and Fannie Primary Market Changes
NEW Construction, Broker, and Recruiting Products; Pricing and Lock Policy Changes
NEW Ginnie, FHA, VA News in Primary and Secondary; The Summer of Service
NEW FHA Portfolio Case Study; Ginnie Mae Changes Cause Confusion
NEW DTC Product; Credit Box Changes; Jobs and Spending
NEW Non-QM and Digital Products; Global Events Driving our Capital Markets
NEW Servicing Pool for Bid; Upcoming Events and Training; Italian News Driving Rates
NEW Jumbo, Non-QM, ARM Lender and Investor Trends
NEW Broker Products; Upcoming Events; Financial Services and Acquisitions
NEW Lender Products; Congress' Take on TILA, PACE Loans, and MLO Licensing
NEW Lender Products; State-Level Changes; Does the Yield Curve Matter?
NEW Digital, Capital Markets Products; Regions Exits Correspondent
NEW Subservicing, Compliance, and Warehouse Products; Private Mortgage Insurance Trends
NEW Construction and VA Rehab Products; FHA and Lender Disaster News; Economy Solid
NEW Construction, Non-QM Products; MI Program Developments
NEW Marketing Products; Training on Underwriting, Compliance, and Business Income