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Rob Chrisman's Daily Commentary
For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
NEW Subservicing, VA IRRRL, Workflow products; Wholesalers Shifting Product Gears
NEW LO Jobs; CRM, Broker, eClosing Products; Events; Servicing Tactics Continue to Impact Market
NEW Processor, LO Jobs; Referral, Accounting Products; Webinars and Training
NEW Portfolio Monitoring, Non-QM, Corresp., Broker Products; Customer Satisfaction Survey
NEW Doc, MSR, Broker Products; Private MI Companies Motor On; Continuing Jobless Claims Drop
NEW LO Jobs; Servicing, DPA, CRM Products; Warehouse Deal News; More Investor Changes
NEW Broker, eSign, Marketing Products; USDA, FHA, Freddie, Fannie News and Trends
NEW LO Jobs; CRM, Marketing, Lending Products; Tools for Borrowers; Rates: a Global Snapshot
NEW Recruiting, LO Jobs; Appraisal, QC Products; Loan Processing is Changing: Beeline/SnapFi
NEW Broker, Correspondent, LOS, CRM Products; Agency Shifts; Remember Non-QM?
NEW Correspondent, Audit, Construction Products; Lots of Webinars This Week; September's State Conferences!
NEW Broker, CRM, VA IRRRL Products; Premium Pricing Blues; Forbearance and Agency News
NEW Ops Jobs; Business Opportunities; AMC Products; Yesterday's Agency Changes
NEW LO Jobs; Valuation Products; Agency/Investor Changes; Mortgage-COVID-Video; Powell Sees Prolonged Tough Times
NEW Marketing, Broker, Appraisal Products; Shifts in Credit Reporting and Underwriting; Negative U.S. Rates?
NEW LO Jobs; Marketing, Docs, Loan Products; Lenders Continue to Combat Covid
NEW Recruiting Tool; Webinars and Training; Deep Dive on Jobs Number; California May do What?
NEW Marketing, Broker Products; Capital Markets Barely Budge After Headline Unemployment Number
NEW CRM, API, Broker, Marketing Products; Disaster Updates; Investor Changes Continue
NEW Warehouse, Pricing Products; Agency and Investor Changes; Rates Quiet
NEW LO Jobs; CRM, Audit, Doc Products; Upcoming Events and Training
NEW Correspondent Programs; Large and Small Investors Continue Program Shifts
NEW Broker, Digital Products; G-Rate's Penalty; Sweeping Investor Changes
NEW Digital, Customer Service Products; FHA COVID News; 1st Quarter GDP Takes a Big Hit
NEW Underwriting, Rural Products; WFH, Anti-Fraud, Digital Webinars; Guideline Shifts Continue
NEW Servicing, LO Jobs; CRM, Broker Products; Webinars From Your Couch; Top Lenders Weigh in on Covid
NEW Broker, Construction, Doc Products; Cash-out Product Hit; Federal Reserve Deep Dive
NEW Sales, Marketing, Cap. Mkts. Products; Agencies and Forbearance Loan Purchases
NEW Digital Products; GSE and Large Investor Adjustments; Bond Market Quiet: A Good Thing
NEW AE Jobs; LOS, Correspondent Products; Approaching Webinars; Federal Reserve's Recent Actions
NEW AE Jobs; Automation, Non-QM Products; Forbearance Primer: Loans Must be Repaid
NEW Webinars and Events; CFPB HMDA News; Agency, Investor, and Vendor Changes Continue
NEW Appraisal, Sales, Processing Products; Training From Home; Vendor Tidbits
NEW Construction, Broker, Appraisal Products; Partial and Temporary Appraisal Delay for Banks
NEW Doc Products; Jumbo and Specialty Products Continue to Crumble; 3.74% Loans in Forbearance
NEW SBA PPP, Processing Products; Ginnie's Issuer Assistance; Banks' Stress Test Changes; Forbearance Policies
NEW Servicing, Appraisal, eClose Products; Agency, USDA, Investor, Lender Changes Aren't Stopping
NEW Correspondent Products; Lender Eligibility for SBA PPP Loans; Dir. Calabria Said What?
NEW Warehouse, Broker Products; Webinars Everywhere on Everything; Mr. Cooper's Early Forbearance Figures
NEW Originator, CRM, AI, Recruiting Products; Processing Changes Continue
NEW Appraisal, Credit, Doc, Broker Products; Major Jumbo Changes; Delay in Servicer Rescue?
NEW Appraisal, Broker, QC Products; Industry Shifting Programs, Underwriting, Pricing, and Execution
NEW FHA Jobs; Broker, Marketing, Training Products; Servicing Trends; Processing and UW Changes
NEW Marketing, Cybersecurity, eClosing Products; Shifts in LTVs, Credit, Pricing, Appraisal Policies
NEW LO Jobs; Broker Products; California MBA Weighs In; Deep Capital Markets Dive
NEW Broker, Credit Products; IRS/Tax Transcript, Jumbo, MISMO, RON Changes
NEW Digital, Compliance, Servicing; Commercial and State Bond Products Next to be Impacted?
NEW Broker, eClosing Products; Locking, Documentation, Product Changes; PennyMac Halts Bulk AOT
NEW Sales, Digital, Processing Products; FAM, QLMS, Mr. Cooper Changes; Appraisal and VVOE Clarity
NEW Anti-fraud, Servicing Products; Borrower Satisfaction Survey; Virus-Driven Product Shifts