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For the past 10 years Mortgage News Daily has provided our readers with Rob Chrisman's daily commentary.
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NEW Subservicing Products; Lender Disaster News; Non-QM Securitization
NEW Jobs; Branding Study; Disaster Advice and Research; Servicing Package For Sale
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NEW JPM's Ellie Mae Downgrade; Lots of Vendor News/Products; Tariffs and Rates
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NEW Digital Products, New Book for LO's; Big Bank Mortgage Earnings
NEW Acquisition/lease Program; Slicing and Dicing Wells' Deal
NEW Non-QM, Digital, Tech Products; MSA Compliance Webinar; Vendors Raising Money
NEW Warehouse and Non-QM Products; Agency Appraisal and Inspection Changes
NEW White Paper on Customer Service, Warehouse Product; PIW's and Outsourcing
NEW Broker, Correspondent, Digital Products; Promotions, Layoffs, PE-Owned Lender Closures
NEW Vendor Changes and Webinars; Rates - Should Have Locked Tuesday
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NEW Document and Bank Statement Products; Personnel Moves; News From FHA and HUD
NEW CE, Sales Products; Ocwen/PHH update; Agency Deals; Why Does Extending a Lock Cost Money?
NEW Insurance, Non-QM, Underwriting Products; Bank M&A Takes Off
NEW Non-QM Products; Mel Watt to Testify; Company Changes
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NEW Broker and DTC Products; Conventional Conforming News, Wells' LTV Change; USAA layoffs
NEW Investor Products; Mortgage Fraud Paper; Wells, PUF, BMO Harris Personnel Changes
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NEW LO Jobs and Resources; Direct Streaming Treasury Trading; What's Moving Rates?
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NEW App Product; Training and Events; Fed Officials Weigh in on Rates
NEW Non-QM, Investment Property Products; ARM News; Tax and Fee Trends
NEW Construction Loan Product; Freddie and Fannie Aren't Sitting Still; LIBOR Phase-Out Update
NEW Referral Product; Broker and LO Events; Vendor News - Blockchain and Deeds
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NEW MI, Warehouse, and Broker Products; Mortgage Fraud Protection Trends
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