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NEW Homeless Assistance Programs Get $216 Million in HUD Funding
NEW Fed's Informal Interpretation of Originator Compensation Regs; Where America is Moving; Free HUD Training;
NEW HUD Offers Originator Comp Guidance; Wells Fargo on Flipping; EPOs Segregated by Servicer; 30 vs. 15-Year Loan Payoff Speeds
NEW HUD Focused on Rebuilding America's Dilapidated Housing Inventory
NEW HUD Sued by AARP Over Reverse Mortgage Rule Change
NEW Update on Warehouse Lending; HUD Training Events & Announcements; Independent Loan Professionals File Suit Against the Fed
NEW HUD Secretary Outlines Housing Goals. Discusses 2012 Budget
NEW HUD Unveils New Research Quarterly
NEW HUD Initiatives Boost New Construction in Rental Market
NEW HUD 2012 Budget: Increased Outlays Offset by Incoming FHA Receipts
NEW Homeless Veterans Get More Attention from HUD
NEW HUD Secretary Shares Perspective on State of the Union
NEW Originator Compensation FAQ Part V; FHA Anit-Flipping Waiver Extended; HUD Issues Guidance on New FHA Remittance Process
NEW HUD Awards $1.4 Billion in Homeless Program Grants
NEW GSEs, HUD Exploring Updated Loan Servicer Compensation Models
NEW HUD Awards Extra Funding to Housing Counselors
NEW Ally and Fannie Mae Agree on Loan Repurchase Resolution; HUD Violations Listed; California Behind on Originator Licensing Applications
NEW JPM Offloads Chunk of Servicing; HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door; Ambac Buyback Claims; Freddie Appraisal Quality; DU Version 8.2
NEW HUD and Realtors Team Up to Create Home Buying Video Guide
NEW HUD & DOT Release $68 Million in Community Development Funding
NEW HUD Highlights Unintended Consequences of Robo-Signings. Solution Needed ASAP
NEW HUD Announces Program to Help Borrowers Bridge Housing Payments
NEW HUD Secretary Tiptoes Around Another Tax Credit, Pushes Balanced Housing Policy
NEW HUD Pushes Implementation of New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium to October
NEW Home Builder Rankings; Updates from HUD and Fannie Mae; Home Ownership Stats; FHA Sanctions;
NEW FHA Ready to Reduce Seller Concessions. HUD Invites Industry Comment Before Implementation
NEW HUD Releases Preliminary American Housing Survey Data
NEW HUD & DOT Partner To Support Community Development
NEW Credit Unions Still Offer HELOCs; FinReg Reform Update; HUD Guidance on FHA Approval; More Investor Bulletins
NEW HUD Homelessness Report: More Families In Shelters. Fewer People On Street
NEW Regulators Tie CRA to HUD Development Program
NEW Signs of Life in the Non-Agency Mortgage Market; Housing Supply Shortage?; HUD's Final Rule; Fannie & Freddie Delisted; Apps Rise
NEW HUD Releases Mortgagee Letter Detailing Net Worth Requirements and Approval Process
NEW HUD Allocates $58 Million To Help Homeless Veterans
NEW HUD Chief Looks To Simplify Home Rental Assistance Program
NEW Defending The Mortgage Industry From Generalizations; New HUD Mortgagee Letter; HAMP Data; TB&W Chairman in Trouble
NEW HUD Secretary Outlines Strategic Approach Toward Sustainable Housing Recovery
NEW Impact of Fannie's Quality Control Initiative on Lenders; PMI Reports Improving Home Values; HUD Gives Guidance on Lead Paint
NEW Last Day to Take Advantage of Home Buyer Tax Credit; Last Day of GFE Leniency From HUD; Carry Trade Primer
NEW How Will Mortgage Bankers Survive in 2010?; HUD Online Training; Mortgage Rate and Yield Spread Primer
NEW Mortgage Insurance Updates; Credit Union Shuts Down; HUD Accepts Electronic Signatures; Wells Reminds About Appraisal Flipping
NEW UFMIP Reminder; HUD Shuts Down Two Lenders; REO Appraisal Guidance; Primary Dealers; Texas Laws Pay Off
NEW HUD Sends States $49 Million to Boost Job Training for Low-Income Residents
NEW HUD Recovery Funds Create Nearly 9,000 Jobs
NEW HUD Enforcing Job Creation Requirements for State and Local Governments
NEW Mandatory Loan Commitment Speedbump?; GSE Earnings; Interest Only Loans a Thing of the Past; More on HUD, RESPA, and the GFE
NEW HUD Launches Online Resource to Fight Loan Mod Scams
NEW HUD Secretary Requests $41.6 Billion 2011 Budget. Five Goals in Focus
NEW GFE Horror Stories Still Abundant; Lack of HUD Leniency; Loan Mods Made to Out of Work Homeowners; More FHA Tips
NEW HUD and FDIC Hiring; NMLS Background Checks; SAFE Act training; FHA Watching DE Lenders