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NEW MBA Releases Lender Profit Numbers for 2013 - Ouch; New HUD Head
NEW The Current State of Bank and Lender M&A; HUD Approval Process Pause
NEW Cabinet Shuffle: HUD's Donovan to Head Office of Management and Budget
NEW HUD Ex-Official Faulted in Lobbying Investigation
NEW NMLS Updated; Compensation Survey; Appraisal News; HUD Changing Application Process
NEW Confusion Over HUD QM rules; Diversity Comment Period Extended; CFPB Staffing Levels; OIG reports on CFPB exams
NEW HUD QM Rule Announced; Closely Mirrors CFPB QM
NEW CFPB & HUD Reviewing Green Tree and Overdraft Programs; Investor Updates; 39 Days Until QM
NEW Shutdown Updates From Freddie Mac and HUD
NEW New HUD QM Definition: Biggest Impact, Lower Lender Legal Costs
NEW HUD Report Card in 2 Words: Needs Improvement
NEW HUD Weighs in on Eminent Domain; Berkshire Buys More of Wells; Will QM=QRM?
NEW HUD Sued over Disparate Impact; Could Affect CFPB Authority
NEW HUD on Interest Calcs, Guidance, ECOA & QM; Why Should You Care About Basel III?
NEW REO Could Become A Serious Problem For HUD/GSEs
NEW Can't Count on Low Rates Forever, Right? Why QE3 Could be Expensive; HUD disaster relief
NEW HUD addresses LO/Realtor Combos; CFPB and FDIC can go after Employees and Consultants
NEW Eminent Domain Back in the News; HUD Secretary to Testify; Gold and Mortgages
NEW HUD's Donovan Outlines 2014 Budget; 90% to Support Existing Programs
NEW What's up with Blackstone and the Overall Supply and Demand Picture? HUD App for Complaints
NEW New HUD Research Tool Offers a Wealth of Housing Data
NEW House Members Seek FHA Financial Documentation in Letter to HUD's Donovan
NEW HUD Count Finds Fewer Chronic and Veteran Homeless
NEW HUD Tweaks Rules to Help House Hurricane Victims
NEW More Lowlights than Highlights in HUD's Report to Congress
NEW FHA Short-Sale Program may have Cost HUD $1 Billion in False Claims
NEW HUD Rolls Out New PSAs for $25B Servicer Settlement
NEW Industry Groups Send Letter to HUD Speaking Out on MIP Increases
NEW HUD Swears in Second-in-Command
NEW Fannie Loses How Much? Comments on Home Ownership Priority and HUD's BofA Discrimination Suit
NEW HUD Ready with FY2013 Budget
NEW January Housing Scorecard Released by HUD, Treasury
NEW The Latest on On-line Lending; Principal Forgiveness Cost; How HUD's Changes Will Impact Gov't Lenders
NEW Wells' Mortgage Earnings Indicative of Industry? HUD to Limit Appeals?; CFPB Appraisal Fees
NEW All Cash Purchases Increase; VA's Final Rule for Vets to Avoid Foreclosure; HUD's Settlement with FNF Provides a RESPA Lesson
NEW Treasury, HUD Release November Housing Scorecard - Calls Out JP Morgan
NEW Allied Mortgage Hit with DOJ Suit, HUD Suspension
NEW New Repurchase Risk Tool; Foreign Buyers in Florida Paying Cash; HUD Changes Multi-state Rules
NEW Originator Turnover Observations; HUD Updates on Loan Limits; Eligibility and Credit Reg Bulletins
NEW Chase Mortgage Banking Results; FHLBs vs. Bank of America; Ginnie Mae Pool Eligibility; HUD Kickback Settlement
NEW HUD Goes Local to Spark Housing Recovery
NEW HUD Gives Jobless Homeowners Extra Time to Catch Up
NEW Reverse Mortgage Exit Motivations; Assessing Counterparty Risk; TILA & HOEPA Fee Based Triggers; HUD Training
NEW HUD Aims to Correct Rental Housing Misconceptions
NEW Feedback on VA Interest Rate Reduction Loans; HUD Career Opportunities; Fewer Free Checking Accounts
NEW HUD Issues 2010 Homelessness Assessment Report
NEW Fannie Prepay Speeds vs. Freddie Prepay Speeds; Aggressive HUD Training Schedule; REITs; Median Income Limits
NEW HUD Addresses Upcoming Reduction in Loan Limits; Foreclosure Moratoriums Back; Repurchase Requests Down
NEW HUD Audits Accuse Major Lenders of False Claims Fraud
NEW Banks Prepare for Fines and Penalties; HUD Waives Paperwork Requirement; Fannie Seeks More Aid