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NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part III; Reg Z and TILA Compliance; GSEs Lobbying for Dividend Cut; Cross Channel Envy
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs Part II; NAMB Requests Delayed Implementation, Slowing Loan Production, Fraud in Illinois
NEW Fannie and Freddie Foreclosure Inventory Over 240,000 Properties; Fed Responds to Originator Comp Questions; NMLS Uniform Licensing Forms
NEW Lots of Lender Updates; MERS Leadership Change; Wells on Originator Compensation; Job Openings; Bank of America Legal Fees
NEW Originator Compensation FAQs; Loan Putbacks Bruise BoA; Foreclosures Pinch PNC Profits; Servicer Watchdogs; Lender Updates
NEW Realtor Influenced Settlement Costs; The Future of Fannie and Freddie; New Mortagee Letters; Wells Fargo Q4 Loan Production
NEW Freddie Mac Eliminates Streamline Refi Product; Wells Fargo & U.S. Bank Earnings Recap; Plan B for 2011; Lender Bulletins
NEW Quality Control Review Requirements; JPM Chase Mortgage Banking Earnings; Safe Act Reminder; Loan Officer Comp. Conference Call; Lender Updates
NEW New LLPA's Implemented by Lenders; Flagstar Jumbo Product Offering; JPM Chase Earnings; Plethora of Investor Bulletins
NEW Income Verification Verbiage from Dodd-Frank Bill; Ginnie Mae Net Worth Requirements; Feedback on Reverse Mortgages; MBIA Downgraded
NEW Barclays Sees Sharp Slowdown in Prepayment Speeds & No Ease in UW Guidelines; Loan Fraud in South Florida; Reverse Mortgage Volume Down
NEW Amherst Explains Massachusetts Foreclosure Reversals; More on Citi's Originator Compensation Guidance; Lots of Lender Updates
NEW Risk Retention Regs Delayed; Citi Shares Perspective on Originator Compensation; Massachusetts Foreclosures Reversed
NEW Loan Officer Licensing Linked to Credit Reports; Fannie Mae UMDP Training Schedule; Pipelines Thin Out; USDA Update
NEW Good and Bad Feedback on NMLS Process; 2nd Liens on the Move; Another Contractor Mistaken Levels Wrong Home, Texas Cash-Outs
NEW 112th Congress Seated; Primary Dealer List Expected to Grow; Bearish Home Price Outlook; Preparing for CMBS Issuance; New Mortgagee Letter
NEW Four Housing Issues to Watch in 2011; Quarterly NMLS Call Reports; Budget Debate Looms; BoA Buyback Resolution Feedback
NEW Loan Officer Professional Privacy Gone; New Mortgagee Letters; Covered Bonds Coming?; BoA Settles with GSEs. Allstate & MBIA Still Suing;
NEW A Poem to Sum Up the Year in Mortgage Lending
NEW FTC Blocks Loan Mod Consultants from Collecting Upfront Fees; 3Q Loan Production Stats; Florida Extends L.O Licensing Deadline; Unrealized Losses
NEW Reverse Mortgage Primer; Feedback on Originator Licensing Backlog in California; More Risk-Based Pricing Disclosure Updates
NEW Ally and Fannie Mae Agree on Loan Repurchase Resolution; HUD Violations Listed; California Behind on Originator Licensing Applications
NEW Fannie Updates CLTV LLPAs; NMLS Originator ID Reminder; Fair Credit Risk-Based Pricing Regulations; Amtrust Name Change
NEW Private Mortgage Insurance Tax Deductions Extended; ARM Disclosures Updated; Calyx Bundles LOS Services; Wells Comments on Compensation
NEW The "Urgent Need" for National Servicing Standards; CRA Definitions Updated; Freddie Mac Delinquency Data; Basel III Not Too Bad?
NEW FHA Extends Direct Endorsement Deadline. Correspondent FHA Originators Get Deadline Waiver
NEW Lender Loosens Underwriting Regs; Early Check Eligibility Tool; Loan Production Conduit Breakdown
NEW GSEs Update Loan Delivery and Appraisal Data Requirements; MERS Phase Out; Amtrust Name Change; MBA on Compensation
NEW S&P "Incorrectly Analyzed" Almost 2,000 RMBS Issues; More Originator Comp Convo; The Value of 2nd Liens; Co-op Share Loans
NEW Middle Class America Not Ready for Retirement; CALPERS Loan Program Done; More Opinions on Loan Officer Pay; Gain on Sale Up in 3Q
NEW Wells Shuts Down NorCal Operations Site; CitiMortgage Reaching Out to Consumers; DU 8.2 Implemented; Feedback from the Trenches
NEW Layoffs Loom as GSEs Prepare for Reform; Ginnie & MISMO; FHA Short Refi Program Conference Call; Lots of Lender Updates
NEW GSE Reform is Top Political Priority; Feedback on Discriminatory Lender Overlays; DU 8.2 Rollout this Weekend; Investor Bulletins
NEW FHA Condo Project Approvals Extended; Discriminatory Lender Overlays; State Level Stimulus Needed; Qualified Loan Tests
NEW Borrower Paid vs. Lender Paid Originator Compensation; Servicing Deals; Early Payoffs; LO Licensing Requirement Deadline
NEW Mortgage Firms Looking to Hire; Updates on TPO Identification Requirements; USDA Refinance Funds Exhausted Again
NEW More Comments on Originator Compensation; BoA Ready to Repay Bailout Funding; New Jumbo Product; Investor Announcements
NEW Fannie Says No to Re-Repurchases; New Appraisal Guidance; Goldman Sachs Servicing Rumor; FHA Loan Limits
NEW New Technology Helps Prevent Failed MBS Trades; Originator Commission vs.Set Salary; FICO LLPAs; NMLS Identifier
NEW Surety Bond Requirements for Bankers; Buying Real Estate with Cold Hard Cash; Feedback on Broker Business; MI Companies Report Slowdown
NEW Mortgage Industry Employment Numbers; NCRA Challenges Underwriting Overlays; RESPA & Warehouse Lending; Wells on "Qualified Loans"
NEW The Next Buyback Problem to Face the Industry; Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule; Home Loan Interest Tax Deductibility Feedback
NEW How the Value of the Dollar Impacts Mortgage Rates; Input on Loan Pricing Transparency; New LLPAs Passed Down; 4506-T Verification Info
NEW Lender "Skin in the Game"; More on Freddie's Fee Increase; New Mortgagee Letters; Sponsored FHA Originators; Investor Bulletins
NEW Freddie Mac Hikes Fees on Higher Risk Loans; DU 8.2 Update Coming Soon; Fraud in the Mortgage Business; Free Refi Offer from Chase?
NEW Basel III Bank Capital Shortage; Recent ARM Stats; HAMP Running Out of Applicants; High Cost Loan Limits; Investor Updates
NEW JPM Offloads Chunk of Servicing; HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door; Ambac Buyback Claims; Freddie Appraisal Quality; DU Version 8.2
NEW Even More Info on Originator Compensation; Securitization Flow Chart; Tax Deductible PMI; Bank Stress Tests Back
NEW Walkthrough of Loan Paper Transfer Process; Fed Explains Credit Scores; Fannie CFO Calls It Quits; Ginnie Mae Guarantee Stats
NEW Originator Compensation Feedback; Two New Mortgagee Letters; Flagstar Selling NPLs; Several Investor Updates; More on Buying a Bank