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NEW Democrats and Republicans Reach Agreement on Bailout Package
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Earliest Lenders of the Day May Consider Repricing
NEW Bernanke Tells Congress Financial Stability is Threatened
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Positive open..
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Bernanke Speaks... New Lows
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Ben's Testimony Under Way...
NEW Existing Home Sales Fall 2.2% to 4.91 Million in August
NEW Freddie Mac's Bitsberger Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Treasury Proposal
NEW MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending Sept. 19
NEW Senator Schumer Confident Bill Will Pass in Under Two Weeks
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... MBS Open Slightly Positive, Slightly Stable (huh?!)
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Steep Drop...
NEW Senator McCain to Temporarily Cease Campaign to Work on Bailout Package
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Guess What?
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Back In The Game
NEW Wednesday 9/24 ... Down a bit more
NEW Interest Group and State Regulators Express Opinions on Bailout
NEW Bernanke Clarifies Government's $700 Billion Proposal
NEW ABA Asks Protection for Banks Owning GSE Stock
NEW Paulson Says Gov't Action Will Protect Taxpayers, Restore Markets
NEW House Prices Fall 0.6% in July, Says OFHEO
NEW Bernanke Says Government Action Necessary for Health of Economy
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... Watching and waiting...
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ...Off the lows
NEW Former Fed Governor Says Bernanke and Paulson Are Right Men for the Job
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... MBS Open Slightly Improved
NEW Fed and Treasury Urge Congress to "Act Swiftly" to Avoid Adverse Effects
NEW SEC's Cox Says Regulation Needed for Credit Default Swaps
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... Ticking Down Slightly More
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... Ticking Down Slightly
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... paring a bit...
NEW Tuesday 9/23 ... Excellent "wrap" on Senate hearing
NEW Monday 9/22 ... Another Graph (this time with a modicum of positivity)
NEW Monday 9/22 ... How Sweet It Isn't
NEW Draft of Democratic Bill Includes Provision to Acquire Shares from Firms
NEW Monday 9/22 ... Bump in the Road...
NEW Monday 9/22 ... Already Lower
NEW Harvard Study: Home Building and Remodeling Cyclical
NEW The Week Ahead: U.S. Durable Goods
NEW Monday 9/22 ... A Week For The Record Books Has Passed
NEW G7 Finance Ministers Committed to Maintaining Stability of Financial Markets
NEW Fed Gives O.K. For Goldman, Morgan to Become Bank Holding Companies
NEW Monday 9/22 ... Falling Sky Anyone?
NEW Preview: Fed Chairman Bernanke to Speak on Recent Turmoil
NEW Monday 9/22 ... MBS fall again
NEW Monday 9/22 ... Just FYI, MBS Holding Steady
NEW CBOE Head Denounces SEC's Emergency Short-Selling Ban
NEW Treasury's Paulson Proposes $700 Billion Plan to Bail Out Wall Street
NEW Money Market Funds to be Protected by $50 Billion Gov't Fund
NEW ECB's Stark Says Financial Turmoil Not Over Yet