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NEW Friday 9/19 ... Back up
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Off the lows
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... More Losses
NEW 9/18 Thursday... Back down to 100-23
NEW 30-year FRM Falls for Fifth Straight Week
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... MBS tick up slightly, though wider to curve
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Another bumpy ride...
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... News In.
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... At least it's more familiar...
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Stocks Off To The Races.... MBS No-Likey
NEW BOJ's Shirakawa Announces USD Liquidity Provision
NEW Economists Say Initial Job Claims Remain Elevated but True Level a 'Mystery'
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Fed Takes Unprecedented Global Liquidity Measures
NEW Officials Mulling U.S. Government Fund to Buy Unwanted Assets
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Developing Story on "RTC Part 2"
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Breaking News: Paulson Suggests RTC Solution
NEW Thursday 9/18 ... Overdue Graph
NEW Thursday 9/18 .... Can you guess?...
NEW Thursday 9/18 ...Volatility
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... Slowly but surely
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... Oil to Stocks to MBS
NEW SEC Issues New Rules on Short Selling
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... AIG gets a loan...
NEW MBA Mortgage Applications Spike 33.4% in Week Ending Sept.12
NEW Plunging U.S. Housing Starts a Necessary Step on Road to Recovery, Analysts Say
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... Ticking Up On Weak Stock Open
NEW AIG's Board Says Bailout to Protect Customers, Calm Ratings Agencies
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... Risk Demand Takes A Vacation
NEW Wednesday Events: Housing Starts and Building Permits, NAR Real Estate
NEW Wenesday 9/17 ... Weak weak weak...
NEW FDIC's Bair Calls for Better Regulatory Structures
NEW Housing Starts Plunge 6.2% in August, Permits Down 8.9%
NEW Wednesday 9/17 .... Sudden dropoff
NEW Wednesday 9/17 .. Prices Open Down
NEW Wednesday 9/17 .... AIG
NEW Breaking News
NEW WAMU puts itself up for auction
NEW Wednesday 9/17 ... More movement after the close
NEW "Huge Wave of Panic" Hits Money Markets as T-Bill Rates Near Zero
NEW U.S. Commercial Real Estate Curtailed by Liquidity Crunch
NEW FDIC's Bair Says IndyMac Plan Should Act as a "Catalyst"
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Back above 2nd floor, but below 1st
NEW Obama Says Government Not Responsible For "Bad Debts"
NEW Markets Price in 80% Chance of a Rate Cut at FOMC Meeting
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Third Floor Violated
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... First Floor Violated
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Down a Tick
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Dow turns positive, MBS stay positive, Spread tightens...
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Barclays and Lehman Finalize Deal