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NEW August Core CPI Up 0.2% as Total Inflation Falls 0.1%
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Inflation is moderating..
NEW Federal Reserve Decides to Bail Out AIG With $85 Billion Loan
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Pre-Open Update
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... CPI IN
NEW Tuesday 9/16 Breaking News From NY Fed
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Paring Gains
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Morning Spread Weakness Persists, but Prices Stay Positive
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Up 9 ticks to open
NEW Senate Banking Committee Chairman Dodd Says Economic Woes to Continue
NEW U.S. Considering Conservatorship for AIG, Report Says
NEW Government May Now Participate in AIG Bailout, Reports Suggest
NEW FOMC Decision to Hold Rates Causes Mixed Reactions
NEW Tuesday 9/16 Miscellany
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Still holding
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Major Floor Of Resistance Supports Long/Mid-Term Float Club
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Breaking News On Barclay's and Lehman
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Pimco's Gross
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Now some movement
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... AIG Breaking News
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... ZZZzzz... ZZZzzz...
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Verbatim Text
NEW More Details On FOMC announcement
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... FOMC synopsis
NEW Consumers Must Know the Rules to Protect Their Assets
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Now Up!
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Ride The Snake
NEW NAHB Builder Confidence Improves in September
NEW Fed Fund Futures Not an Accurate Measure of Expectations, Strategist Says
NEW Fed Funds Futures Pricing in 100% Chance of Rate Cut Today
NEW tuesday 9/16 ... big sell
NEW Tuesday 9/16 ... Back at the "bottom floor"
NEW Sunday 9/14 ... How do we convey...?
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Tracking Treasuries well now...
NEW Monday 9/15 ... More Altitude
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Bounce Back
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Down Now to 100-28
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Down to 101-01
NEW Standard and Poor's Downgrades Bank of America After Merrill Takeover
NEW Monday 9/15 ... It's all Lehman
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Still Watching and Waiting
NEW Fed announces broadened collateral at the PDCF and TSLF
NEW Lehman Brothers Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Merrill Sold to Bank of America
NEW Monday 9/15 ... Slow News Day
NEW Preview: CPI Release Highly Anticipated Ahead of FOMC Rate Decision
NEW Opinions Split Over What Fed Will Do, What Fed Should Do
NEW Treasury's Paulson Says U.S. Banking System a "Safe and Sound" One
NEW Monday 9/15 ... More Artificial Strength
NEW Bank of America, Merrill Lynch CEOs Upbeat About Buyout