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NEW Wed 8/13 ... Firmer
NEW Wednesday 8/13 Less Nice, More Naughty
NEW Wed 8/13 ... Sideways and "nice"
NEW 8/13 ... One More Chart (for now)
NEW 8/13 ... Charts
NEW Wednesday 8/13 .. Still "taking it all in"
NEW Wednesday 8/13 ... "It's a rally." (part 3)
NEW MBA Mortgage Applications Decline in Week Ending Aug. 8
NEW Wednesday's Events: U.S. Advance Retail Sales, Business Inventories
NEW Rates Remain Mostly Flat while Mortgage Applications Lag, Hitting Four Year Low
NEW Wednesday 8/13 ... Choppy!
NEW Wed 8/13 . Thanks to conference call attendees
NEW Wednesday 8/13 ... A little bit more action...
NEW Wednesday 8/13 ... Breaking News
NEW Wednesday 8/13 ... Pre-Data
NEW As of 4:09 Pacific, Conference Call Registration Ended
NEW 8/13 Wed... End of day Graph
NEW Tuesday 8/12 ... Still Boring, Still Bullish
NEW Tuesday 8/12 ... HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!! (nah, just kidding)
NEW Tuesday 8/12 ... What follows a down day?
NEW Tuesday 8/12 ... At A Glance
NEW U.S. Trade Deficit Expected to Boost Q2 GDP
NEW Fed's Stern Says Inflation Outlook Has Improved
NEW Tuesday's Events: U.S. Trade Balance, Canadian International Trade
NEW Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Shrinks to $56.8 Billion in June
NEW Central Bank Watch: Banks in Wait-and-See Mode, Some Moves Expected by Year End
NEW What's Priced In: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
NEW Will Vacant Retail Space Fuel the Next Real Estate Bust?
NEW One Quarter of U.S. Homes Sold in Past Year Were at a Loss, Report Says
NEW Freddie To Stop Buying New York State Subprime Mortgages
NEW Monday 8/11 ... DB Drops a Bomb
NEW Big Down-Spike.
NEW Monday 8/11 ... At A Glance
NEW Paulson Says No Plans to Inject Capital Into Freddie, Fannie
NEW Fed's Q2 Senior Loan Officer Survey Shows Banks Expect Tighter Credit
NEW Monday's Events: Cdn House Prices, Housing Starts; Fed Senior Officer Loans Survey
NEW Long Post On Consumer Blog
NEW Monday 8/11 ... More Back And Forth
NEW The Week Ahead Canada & U.S.: U.S. CPI, Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment
NEW Friday 8/8 ... After some bullishness, some selling pressure
NEW Friday 8/8 ... Confirmed: Downtick was temporary
NEW 8/8 ... Wholesale Inventories Up 1.1%, sales up by 2.8%
NEW Friday 8/8 ... At A Glance
NEW Dollar Continues Broad-Based Climb Against Euro, Majors
NEW Friday's Events: Canadian Employment; U.S. Unit Labour Costs & Nonfarm Prod
NEW Friday 8/8 ... Finished Strong
NEW Friday 8/8 Stocks Can't Keep Us Down...
NEW Thursday 8/7 ... Here we go!
NEW Thursday 8/7 ... Sideways Day