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NEW Monday 9/29 ... A Fun Place To Be...
NEW Bernanke Says Proposed Bill to Restore Flow of Credit
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Still waiting on Rescue
NEW Rescue Plan Finalized, $250 Billion in Funding to be Released Up Front
NEW Paulson Says Wachovia Was Systemic Risk
NEW Citigroup to Acquire Wachovia Operations in Government Brokered Deal
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Third Time's a Charm?
NEW Thank You Steve Liesman
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Hanging In The Lows
NEW U.S. Attorney's Office Investigating Accounting, Disclosure at Fannie and Freddie
NEW House Rejects Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
NEW Monday 9/29 ... MBS market Convulsing
NEW Monday 9/29 Bailout Update
NEW Monday 9/29 ... VOTE STILL OPEN?!
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Update
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Vote Update
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Vote taking place right now
NEW Monday 9/29 ... Getting shakier Leading Up To The Vote
NEW St. Louis Fed' s Bullard Says Inflation and Growth Outlook Uncertain
NEW House Republicans Return to Negotiating Table
NEW Friday 9/26 ... More Bailout Buzz
NEW Friday 9/26 ... Uncertainty is still here...
NEW Lawmakers Return to Drawing Board on Financial Rescue Legislation
NEW FDIC's Bair Says Seizure of Washington Mutual Was Successful
NEW Credits Markets STD - "Securitization Transmitted Disease"
NEW Friday 9/26 ... MBS' losing some steam
NEW JPMorgan Chase Acquires Washington Mutual for $1.9 billion
NEW Friday 9/26 ... MBS Strengthen Overnight, Uncertainty Looms
NEW Friday 9/26 ... Here's the Drop
NEW Private Mortgage Insurer Changes Business Policy
NEW Friday 9/26 ... What else would you expect in the afternoon?
NEW Friday 9/26 ... MBS hold firm as dow ticks into the green
NEW Uncertainty Leads to Jump in Interest Rates
NEW Global Recession in 2009 to be Followed by Recovery in 2010, TD Report Says
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Testing the Floor
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Lows of the Day
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Moderating, but Mitigating Factors
NEW Double-Digit Decline in New Home Sales Suggests Turnaround is Months Away
NEW White House's Lazear Says Progress Being Made
NEW Treasury's McCormick says "Now is the Time to Act Quickly"
NEW New Home Sales Fall 11.5% to Lowest Level Since January 1991
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Back Up
NEW Soaring Initial Claims Suggest +100K Nonfarm Job Losses in September
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Down Some More...
NEW Officials Scramble to Get Bailout Legislation Together
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Equities open stronger
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... MBS' Open Strong on Weak Economic Reports ...
NEW Initial Jobless Claims Soar to 493k
NEW Thursday 9/25 ... Opening Stronger (?)
NEW Senator Shelby Says No Agreement Reached on U.S. Treasury's Bailout Plan