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NEW Application Volume Rises Slightly Despite Big Rate Increases
NEW TPO Products; Homebuyer, Profitability Products; BofA's 0% Down; Mortgage Applications Trend Lower on Rate Volatility
NEW Rate Volatility Continues to Roil Application Volume
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Remains at 22-year Low
NEW Post FOMC Rate Drop Spurred Application Volume Last Week
NEW Application Volumes Rival Early Pandemic Levels
NEW Normal Contraction Patterns Leave Mortgage Apps at 22 Year Low
NEW Application Volume Rises Despite Rate Surge
NEW Mortgage Apps Buck Recent Trend Despite Huge Rate Jump
NEW Breaking Down the Multi-Decade Lows in Mortgage Applications
NEW Mortgage Applications Still Contracting, But at a Slower Pace
NEW Mortgage Applications Slide, but Pending Home Sales Beat Expectations
NEW Mortgage Applications Still Falling; Purchases Still Looking Resilient
NEW TPO, Cap. Mkts. Products; Upcoming Events and Training; Mortgage Applications Plummet
NEW Mortgage Applications Little-Changed Despite Big Rate Spike
NEW Mortgage Applications Bounce(d) Back as Rates Plunge(d)
NEW Mortgage Applications Stabilized Despite Last Week's Higher Rates
NEW Mortgage Applications Unsurprisingly Tanking as Rates Surge
NEW Refi Share of Mortgage Applications Continues to Shrink
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Declines For Fourth Consecutive Week
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Barely Budges
NEW Mortgage Application Volume at Three-Month Low
NEW Higher Rates Push Application Volumes Lower
NEW Mortgage Applications Rise, Reflecting Improved Inventories
NEW Decline in Refis Pulls Mortgage Application Volume Lower
NEW Lower Rates Increase Government Loan Volumes
NEW Mortgage Applications Indicate Shift Toward First-Time Buyers
NEW Refinance Applications Bounce back to Winter Levels
NEW Mortgage Applications Pull Back Despite Lower Rates
NEW COVID Failed to Push Mortgage Applicants into the Digital World
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Bounces Back, Refi Share up 20%
NEW Rates Down, Jobs Up, But Mortgage Applications Still Decline
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Nears 18-Month Low
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Rises After Three Straight Losses
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Declined on Holiday-Shortened Week
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Revs Up For The First Time Since April
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Struggles to Keep up With Hot Housing Market
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Falls Despite Lower Rates
NEW Mortgage Applications End Losing Streak
NEW Mortgage App Volume Declines, Refinancing Down 30 Percent
NEW Purchase Application Volume up for Fourth Consecutive Week
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Continues Decline
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Fell Sharply at the End of 2020
NEW Refis Continue to Dominate Mortgage Apps
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Holds Steady as Rates Test Lows
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Pulls Back Slightly, Purchases Still Strong
NEW Refis Help to Boost Mortgage Application Volume
NEW 2020 Home Loan Volume Expected to Top a Record-Breaking $4 Trillion
NEW Mortgage Apps Rise Slightly, Purchase Loans End Four-Week Drought
NEW Freddie's Loan Volume is Up, Delinquency Rate Begins to Retreat