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NEW Mortgage Application Volume Rises After Three Straight Losses
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Declined on Holiday-Shortened Week
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Revs Up For The First Time Since April
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Struggles to Keep up With Hot Housing Market
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Falls Despite Lower Rates
NEW Mortgage Applications End Losing Streak
NEW Mortgage App Volume Declines, Refinancing Down 30 Percent
NEW Purchase Application Volume up for Fourth Consecutive Week
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Continues Decline
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Fell Sharply at the End of 2020
NEW Refis Continue to Dominate Mortgage Apps
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Holds Steady as Rates Test Lows
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Pulls Back Slightly, Purchases Still Strong
NEW Refis Help to Boost Mortgage Application Volume
NEW 2020 Home Loan Volume Expected to Top a Record-Breaking $4 Trillion
NEW Mortgage Apps Rise Slightly, Purchase Loans End Four-Week Drought
NEW Freddie's Loan Volume is Up, Delinquency Rate Begins to Retreat
NEW Mortgage Apps Steady; Forbearances Drop Under 6%
NEW Refi Application Volume Recovers From Last Week's Loss
NEW Mortgage Applications Slowed as Many Rush to Beat the Adverse Market Fee
NEW Mortgage Application Gains Resumed Post-Labor Day, Forbearances at Recent Lows
NEW Latest Mortgage App Volume Down Over Holiday-Shortened Week
NEW CRM, Marketing, Fraud Products; Mortgage Apps Move Higher; LO Jobs
NEW Mortgage Applications Decline for Third Week
NEW Mortgage Apps on the Rise Again, Driven by Last Week's Low Rates
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Pulls Back For Second Consecutive Week
NEW Mortgage Apps Pull Back for the First Time in a Month
NEW Mortgage Apps Continue Gains, Forbearance Totals Drop Below 4 Million
NEW Mortgage Application Volume is Up, Forbearances Continue to Wane
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Recovers its Momentum
NEW A Silver Lining in Mortgage Apps? Purchases Continue to Grow; Forbearance Requests Slow
NEW Mortgage Applications Show Possible Signs of an Upturn?
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Shows Pipeline Control is Working
NEW Mortgage Applications Retreat as Covid Weighs on Markets
NEW Mortgage Apps Defy Coronavirus Woes and Post a 15% Increase
NEW Mortgage Apps Rocked by COVID; Hard Hit Areas Paint Gloomy Picture
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Remains High Despite Rate Volatility
NEW Mortgage Applications Calm Before The Storm?
NEW Lower Rates Push Mortgage Applications to a Six-Year High
NEW Refis Still Shine as Lower Rates Drive Mortgage Applications
NEW Mortgage Application Volume Retains Most of Last Week's Gains
NEW Mortgage Applications Soar to Best Levels in Over a Decade
NEW Mortgage Applications Start Year on Positive Note
NEW Mortgage Apps Reflect Seasonal Slowdown
NEW Mortgage Apps Hit on a Technicality, But Purchases Still Increased
NEW Mortgage Apps On-Track for Best Year Since 2007
NEW Mortgage Applications Gain Momentum Despite Holiday Slump
NEW Mortgage Applications Hit Recent Highs
NEW Mortgage Apps Hit Their Seasonal Slump, YOY Numbers Tell a Different Story
NEW Mortgage Apps Jump Back Up, Borrowers Rush to Refi