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NEW Federal Reserve Report Highlights Lending Concentration and Other Loan Patterns
NEW Mortgage Rates Resume Slow Decline - Application Volume Increases
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: New Home Construction Reports
NEW National Delinquency Study Is Just A Bit Disquieting
NEW Mortgage Rates Up For First Time In Seven Weeks
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Report Partially Frosty
NEW Option ARMs At The Center of Rate Shock Fears
NEW Home Price Increases Seen Slowing In OFHEO Report
NEW Mortgage Rates Down Nearly 40 Basis Points From Year High
NEW Candidate For Rate Shock? Some Suggestions, Maybe Some Comfort
NEW You Might Be Surprised By What Triggers Credit Bureau Actions
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Five Week Slide
NEW House Real Estate Hearings - Prosecution Rests And Defense Steps Up
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: New and Existing Home Sales Tumble
NEW Mortgage Rates Reset Shock Is The Latest Worry In Mortgage Markets
NEW Mortgage Rates Return To April Levels
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Permits, Starts, Builder Confidence Fall
NEW NAR Takes A Lickin From Competitors At Oxley Hearings
NEW Mortgage Rates Move In Opposite Directions
NEW Fannie Mae Slips Another Deadline, Freddie Mac Reform and OFHEO Wants Greater Power
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Sector No Longer Fueling The Economy
NEW Oxley Hearings Investigate Real Estate Competitiveness
NEW Mortgage Rates Down Even Before The Fed Halts Rate Increases
NEW The Changing Real Estate Market - Oxley Holds Hearings
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Up and Down Pattern
NEW Peer-To-Peer Lending: A Prototype For The Future Of Mortgage Lending
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: NAR Announces the Return of the Buyers Market
NEW Mortgage Rates Rise Taking Back Last Weeks Gains
NEW Texas Murder Raises Concerns For Real Estate Agent Safety
NEW Single Women Employ Different Strategies In Buying and Financing A Home
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Building Stats Slip As Does Builder Confidence
NEW Single Female Homebuyers - Who, Where and What
NEW Mortgage Rates Ease While Freddie Mac Thinks Pressure May Be Off
NEW Single Women Home Buyers Finding A Home Of Their Own
NEW Study Measures Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Deduction Benefits
NEW MLS and Commissions Under Attack Again
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue To Bounce Around Gently
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Sees Orderly Cooling
NEW Green Building Is Now A Trend, Maybe One Near A Tipping Point
NEW Survey Finds Monthly Costs Outweigh Purchase Price of Home Ownership
NEW Mortgage Rates Diverge On Surveys
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Reports Paint Confusing Picture
NEW Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Remain Low
NEW Mortgage Rates Up Substantially On Inflation Fears
NEW Housing Bubble: Market Secure But Affordability Diminishing
NEW Older Homes Versus New Homes - The Debate Continues
NEW Freddie Mac Predicts Mortgage Rate Boredom - It Could Be A Good Thing
NEW Three Houses And You Are Out
NEW Housing Bubble Watch: Report Names 71 Metro Areas Significantly Over-Valued
NEW Hedge Against A Housing Bubble With Housing Futures