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NEW Treasury Department May Broker A Deal For Subprime Borrowers
NEW 11/29/07 - Slight Improvement
NEW New Home Sales Report More Upbeat Than That For Existing Homes
NEW 11/28/07 - Big Gains in dow, little movement in mortgage rates
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue To Inch Down With One Glaring Exception
NEW Wells Fargo Bank is Latest to Announce Mortgage Woes
NEW Two New Reports Deepen Housing Gloom
NEW 2008 Conforming Loan Limit Announced By OFHEO
NEW Realius - Bringing Joy Back To Real Estate?
NEW Citigroup Knocks Builder Stocks and Takes Hit of Their Own
NEW Senator Schumer Seeks Probe of FHLB Loans to Countrywide
NEW 11/26/07 Slight Improvement
NEW 11/23/07 - Black Friday, Boring Market Day
NEW 11/21/07 - Morning Update
NEW 11/21/2007 - Good Morning. Good Rates.
NEW Mortgage Rates Steady Among Mixed Economic News
NEW Housing Starts? Hold the Applause!
NEW HR 3915 - Getting Warmer
NEW 11/20/07 Mid Day Update
NEW Another Good Day for Mortgage Rates!
NEW Housing and Credit Woes Continue to Weigh on Wall Street
NEW Mortgage Rates Ease for Fourth Straight Week
NEW Zillow to Nationalize Local Real Estate Advertising
NEW E-Trade Suffers Subprime Wrath
NEW PMI Insurers May Owe Thanks To Piggy-Back Mortgages
NEW Lending Survey Indicates Tightened Standards, Lower Demand
NEW H.R. 3915: a FRANK Discussion
NEW OFHEO Director Weighs In On Cuomo Probe
NEW WaMu Troubles Mount While Fortunes and Stock Tumble
NEW HR9315 Passes To Full House For Consideration
NEW Mortgage Rates Back To May 2007 Levels
NEW HR 3915 Addresses Many Aspects of Predatory and Other Mortgage Lending
NEW NY Attorney General Files Appraiser Fraud Suit Against First American
NEW Current State of the Mortgage Market
NEW Growth Worries Push Mortgage Rates Down
NEW Apartment Complexes May Benefit From FCC Action Against Cable Contracts
NEW ONeal is History and Merrill Lynch is Sued
NEW Credit Counselors and Short Sales May Bail Out Mortgagors
NEW Subprimes Next Victim: Merrill Lynch CEO
NEW Countrywide Mortgage Reports Huge 3rd Quarter Loss
NEW Subprime Fallout Will Cost U.S. Billions
NEW September New Home Sales Report is Modestly Upbeat
NEW Freddie Mac and MBA See Mortgage Rates Through Different Lenses
NEW NAR Releases Existing Home Sales Figures For September
NEW Real Estate Investors and Agents Decry Short-Sale Process
NEW Dozens of Our Readers Report From the Housing Front
NEW SEC Turns Spotlight on Countrywide CEO Mozilo