Looks as if the Fannie Mae stock sell-off is behind all the hullabaloo.  It's a bit interesting because their sell off has actually helped Fannie MBS prices by about 4/32nds.  The real story is that Freddie Mac MBS are faring another 5/32nds or so better than that.  And Ginnies (FHA, VA, etc...) are off the chart, though not quite as off the chart as treasuries.

Still, this is one of those days where this blog will probably be able to do for you what others can't by way of giving you specific advice depending on your scenario.  You've probably already arrived at these conclusions, but here's what the numbers indicate:

1. Any lenders that exclusively run LP will be able to give you a little more love than the Fannie only or Fannie/Freddie lenders.

2. If you're floating FHA, VA, etc...,  keep floating as they are faring the best after this news.