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NEW Freddie Mac Survey: Most Rates Up Slightly in Past Week
NEW Freddie's Condo Guidelines; AVMs & Mortgage Banking; Jawboning on the End of the Mortgage Purchase Program
NEW Eliminating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; Overaggressive Bank Examiners; Rewriting California's Constitution
NEW Freddie Mac Says Mortgage Rates Rebounded from Year-End Highs
NEW Fannie and Freddie Report Rising Rates Last Week
NEW SAFE Act Update; Down Payment Assistance; Fannie & Freddie in the Future; Yield Curve Chatter
NEW Fannie and Freddie Report Higher Borrowing Costs This Week
NEW Projected Fed Funds Rates; Mortgage Companies Expanding; News from BofA, GMAC, Freddie, USB, Flagstar
NEW AmTrust Stops Taking Locks; News from Freddie & SunTrust; Rates Sideways
NEW Freddie Mac's Portfolio Up 0.7 Percent in October
NEW Freddie Mac: Record Low 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
NEW Freddie's 2010 Loan Limits;News from SunTrust, AgFirst, CMBA, TBI, Flagstar, USBHM
NEW Fannie and Freddie: Lending Rates Hold Below 5 Percent
NEW Freddie Mac & PennyMac Earnings; Tax Credit Extension; HPML Test; S.A.F.E. Forms
NEW Foreclosure and Lending Regulation News from North Carolina. Updates from Fannie, Freddie, PMI, AIG; Tax Credit Extended
NEW Fannie and Freddie: Mortgage Rates Dip Below 5 Percent Again
NEW Primer on MI Rescission; Updates from Wells, Flagstar, Freddie, PMI, FAMC; Rates Lower
NEW Loan Limit & Tax Credit Updates; USB, Flagstar, Freddie, GMAC News; Treasury Purchase Program Over
NEW Freddie and Fannie: Marginal Adjustments Made to Rates Last Week
NEW Freddie Mac's Portfolio Grows. Delinquency Rate Continues to Rise
NEW Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Rise from Recent Lows
NEW News from BofA, Freddie, Flagstar; Markets are like Rubber Bands, Remember?
NEW News for Appraisers and Modifiers, and from Fannie, Freddie, Chase, BofA; Lock Desks Busy!
NEW Large Lenders Becoming Larger; News from MGIC, Freddie, and GMAC
NEW Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rates Average 4.94% in Week Ending October 1
NEW Two Clubs for Small Mortgage Banks; Freddie Pushes Back 10/1 Changes; GMAC Steps in to TBW Role
NEW Fannie and Freddie: Average Rates Down for Third Straight Week.
NEW Fannie and Freddie: Mortgage Rates Fell Last Week
NEW Freddie Mac: 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate at 5.08%
NEW Freddie Mac: Average Weekly Rates Hit 3-Month Low
NEW Fannie and Freddie Say Rates Ticked Higher Last Week
NEW Fannie and Freddie Release Weekly Rate Summaries
NEW MBS LUNCH: Fannie And Freddie Status Quo For "Light Years" To Come
NEW Freddie Mac Weekly Summary: Slight Increases in Mortgage Rates
NEW Weekly Freddie Mac Survey Reports Lower Mortgage Rates
NEW Freddie Mac Weekly Rates Decline in Response to Economic News
NEW Freddie Mac: Inflation Data Sends Rates into Retreat
NEW Freddie Mac: Rates Rise to Highest Levels of Year
NEW Freddie Mac Survey: Rates Take Big Jump
NEW Long Term Rates Rise in Latest Freddie Mac Survey
NEW Freddie Mac Rates Rise on Positive News
NEW Another New Low for Freddie Mac Rates
NEW Freddie PMMS Shows Another Record Low Rates
NEW Treasury to Double Purchase of Fannie and Freddie Stock
NEW Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Announce Ban on Foreclosures Until Jan. 2009
NEW Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to Modify Approach to Foreclosure Prevention, WSJ Says
NEW FHFA Announces Loan Modification Program for Fannie, Freddie
NEW Treasury May Buy Some Bad Apples From Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
NEW U.S. Attorney's Office Investigating Accounting, Disclosure at Fannie and Freddie
NEW Freddie Mac's Bitsberger Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Treasury Proposal