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NEW Higher U.S. CPI, FOMC Minutes Lead to Greater Chance of Rate Hike
NEW Fed Minutes Say Next Move Could Be Higher Funds Rate
NEW Despite Market Turmoil, Mortgage Rates Remain Becalmed
NEW NAHB Builder Confidence Reaches New Historic Low at 16
NEW Preview: Housing Starts Expected to Drop 15k in June
NEW U.S. June Core CPI Up 0.3% as Total Inflation Surges 1.1%
NEW Wednesday's Events: Bernanke Part II, U.S. CPI, DOE Oil, Cnd Mfg Shipments
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... A couple of BAD days
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Gearing up for Tomorrow
NEW Wednesday 7/16/08 ... Heavy Reading?
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... Congress Railing... Spreads Curtailing...
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... If and Only If
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... Action-Packed Day, Positive Price, Gappy Spread
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... rising now
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... Don't Get Antsy...
NEW Tuesday's Events: Bernanke's Semi-Annual Testimony, PPI
NEW June All-Items PPI Soars 1.8%, Core Contained at 0.2%
NEW Economists Call Core Inflation 'Tame' Despite Soaring Energy Prices
NEW Bernanke says U.S. Economy is Facing Numerous Challenges
NEW U.S. President Bush Asks Congress to Do More
NEW Paulson Says GSEs Need a Strong Regulator
NEW Bernanke Expected to Focus on Inflation at Semi-Annual Testimony
NEW Bernanke Says Housing Crisis is Central Issue to Economy
NEW Tuesday 7/15/08 ... Busy Day
NEW Monday 7/14/08 .. Doing better
NEW Monday 7/14/08 ... Under a bit of Pressure
NEW Monday 7/14/08... Another Day...
NEW Monday 7/14/08 ... Good Monday After A Bad Friday
NEW Fed is Moving into Consumer Protection Role on Mortgages
NEW Paulson and Bernanke Come to the Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
NEW Bold, Creative, Aggressive Policy Action Needed for GSEs to Survive
NEW Action-Packed Week for U.S. and Canadian Markets
NEW Regulators Hasten to Assure Depositors that their Money is Secure as IndyMac is put into Receivership
NEW Preview: Inflation Focus at Bernanke's Semi-Annual Testimony, Say Experts
NEW Monday 7/14/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Monday 7/14/08.... Strong through the close
NEW Friday 7/11/2008 ... Another Hopeless Pun
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... Down Enough To Go To The Bar...
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... Down Enough To Be Worried
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... Fallen A Bit...
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... So far, so good
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... Consumer Sentiment In
NEW Friday 7/11/08 ... At A Glance
NEW Friday's Events: Canadian Employment Report, U.S. & Canadian Trade Data
NEW Government Considering a Fannie Freddie Takeover
NEW U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentument Rebounds for First Time Since January
NEW U.S. Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Shrinks to -$59.8 Billion
NEW Treasury's Paulson Says Goal Is to Back Fannie & Freddie in "Current Form"