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NEW Some Selling Pressure
NEW Despite Stronger Than Expected Jobs Report, MBS Unchanged (commentary)
NEW Despite Stronger Than Expected Jobs Report, MBS Unchanged
NEW Gaining!
NEW The Yo-Yo
NEW sharp uptick
NEW Home Sales Drop Again, but Supply Still Hurting MBS
NEW heads up. down about 4/32nds in 5.5% coupon in last 5 minutes
NEW Morning Numbers 4/8/08
NEW Pushing lower still
NEW Coming back a bit
NEW Reprice for The Worse Likely
NEW At the lows of the day
NEW MBS Worse To Open The Day, But Showing Some Resilience
NEW Another Good Friday!
NEW Doing Well
NEW ISM data in at 49.6, slightly higher than expected
NEW Jobless Claims Surge to 407k. 38k Higher Than Expected
NEW Pre-Open Trading + Data on Tap
NEW selling off a bit
NEW MBS not holding so steady
NEW Factory Orders in Worse Than Expected
NEW The Bulls Keep At It.
NEW Bit of a Sell Off
NEW ISM just a touch higher than expected, Construction Spending beats expectations
NEW You And Us, UBS.
NEW Fading Ever-So-Slightly
NEW Chicago NAPM Index in at 48.2 (9:50 AM, EDT)
NEW Theme for The Week: Employment and Production
NEW MBS Prices This Morning
NEW Can't seem to get off the ground
NEW Still Rockin' and Rollin'
NEW Don't Forget Your Second Wind...
NEW Before The News
NEW How Sweet It Is!
NEW Up and Down Again
NEW Dropping rapidly
NEW Economy and Jobless Claims Hold Steady - MBS Unhappy
NEW Price Changes (details to follow)
NEW Languishing near unchanged
NEW Coming back now
NEW off a cliff...
NEW a bit more pronounced now
NEW Just a head's up
NEW Durable Goods Orders Fall, MBS Advances
NEW Morning Pricing
NEW another update
NEW Sliding A Bit
NEW MBS's Reacting