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NEW Coming Down Now...
NEW stabilizing
NEW Falling....
NEW Dang Lawnmower!
NEW Inflation Data Better Than Expected, Markets Like It
NEW graph to support previous comment
NEW Back in the Channel Again
NEW Here We Go Again,
NEW stabilized, but still lower
NEW Considerable Selling Pressure
NEW It's a Bad Day For MBS!
NEW Sliding Now
NEW MBS Extend Their Losses Over the Weekend, Busy Data Week To Follow...
NEW continuing to slide towards the close
NEW Dropping A bit (again)
NEW More Volatility
NEW Even after Lenders Release Pricing, MBS Dropping
NEW Nose Dive
NEW Good Morning and Good Morning
NEW Reprice Risk Waning
NEW off the highs of the day
NEW Insider Info
NEW MBS Faring Well Despite Better Than Expected Data
NEW At the Highs of the Day
NEW Now the News picks Up! (should be a volatile day)
NEW Slight Drop
NEW Slight Improvement Over Yesterday with Limited Data
NEW after the bell.
NEW Holding Steady For Now
NEW Some Rebound
NEW Starting to See Some Noise (the unpleasant kind)
NEW Quiet Monday Morning for MBS
NEW Graph of Today's Action
NEW rebounding...
NEW What's in the Kool-Aid at the BLS?
NEW And We're Back Down Again
NEW Back To Floating
NEW heavy trading, prices tanking
NEW Dropping Again,
NEW UP/Down,
NEW For those of you that were nervous
NEW Are you Still On Board?
NEW Locking is safest, But Floating Beckons
NEW Now We're Rolling
NEW Improving
NEW Givething and Takething
NEW Yawn...
NEW How Boring...
NEW Still holding steady