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NEW still strong
NEW off the highs
NEW Home Prices Continue to Fall, MBS improve again
NEW Like a Kid In The Ocean...
NEW A quiet morning sets the stage for an action-packed week.
NEW No lock alerts to report
NEW MBS faring better
NEW Consumer Sentiment at Lowest Since 1982, MBS Respond well
NEW Doing a bit better now
NEW New Home Sales Tank!
NEW Stronger Than Expected Economic Data Has MBS On The Run.
NEW Mortgage Applications Fall, Ambac Posts Significant loss.
NEW Here's that bounce...
NEW continuing to slide
NEW dropping a bit
NEW It's quiet... Too Quiet...
NEW price improvement for the better highly probable
NEW Still in Good Shape
NEW Light News Day, MBS Doing Fine (so far)
NEW We're Goin Ballistic Mav! Go Get 'Em!
NEW Don't be fooled by that 10 year treasury
NEW Sorry To Report....
NEW No Scheduled Releases
NEW dropping
NEW Holding Steady
NEW The "kicking while down" has subsided... At least for now...
NEW MBS decidedly upbeat
NEW Moving To Float
NEW Cliff Diving
NEW CPI Tame, Housing Lame, MBS Same
NEW Keep Those Water Wings On...
NEW Dead Cat Bounce...
NEW Beware of Cliff!
NEW Bonds hurting a bit
NEW Little Change ahead of PPI and CPI
NEW Consumer Sentiment Crushes Expectations
NEW The Market Giveth
NEW Down another 3/32nds
NEW Some Selling Pressure
NEW Despite Stronger Than Expected Jobs Report, MBS Unchanged (commentary)
NEW Despite Stronger Than Expected Jobs Report, MBS Unchanged
NEW Gaining!
NEW The Yo-Yo
NEW sharp uptick
NEW Home Sales Drop Again, but Supply Still Hurting MBS
NEW heads up. down about 4/32nds in 5.5% coupon in last 5 minutes
NEW Morning Numbers 4/8/08
NEW Pushing lower still
NEW Coming back a bit