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NEW Quality Control Second Credit Report Requirements; FHA Broker Approvals; Do Not Call Lists; Lender Turn Times Redefined
NEW Proposal to Increase FHA Downpayment Voted Down in Committee
NEW Housing Stats: New Home Sales Financed by the FHA
NEW FHA Loan Applications Surge in March
NEW Life in the Secondary Mortgage Market; More on FHA Approvals; Govie Loan Volume; New $100 Note
NEW FHA Issues Final Rule on Lender Approval Process; No Guarantee Tax Credit Loans Close By June 30; Several Investor Updates
NEW FHA to Accept Electronic Signatures; Closing, Settlement, Funding, and Signing Discrepancies; Does a GFE Need a Property Address?
NEW FHA Net Worth Requirements; Primer on Compare Ratios & Neighborhood Watch; Loan Profitability
NEW Lender Bulletins: Quality Control, HPML's, No MI for I/O, Useable FICO Scores, FHA Flipping, Allowable VA Fees, Appraisal Required for Streamline Refi
NEW Flood Insurance Program Not Extended; FHA MIP Reminder; Wells Fargo Jumbo Rollout; PIMCO Hiring; Bank Failures
NEW Details of HAMP Improvements and New FHA Refinance Program
NEW ACORN Closing State Chapters; Modified Loan Buybacks; Bank of America's FHA Flipping Policy & Principal Reduction Plan
NEW New FHA Compliance Manager; Long Road of Housing Reform Ahead; Short Sale Primer; PMI Freddie Mac Approved; FHA Delinquencies
NEW FHA Guidance for Merging Mortgage Ops; Chase Joins HAMP 2nd Lien Program; USDA Update; Corporate Rates Lower than Treasuries
NEW The Cost of Labor in the Mortgage Market; FHA Origination Down 10% in January; Wells to Modify 2nd Liens; Condo Questions
NEW FHA Commissioner: Raising the Down Payment Requirement Would Hurt Housing Recovery
NEW Credit Unions Expanding Loan Production; Ready for Buybacks?; Lender Rating Model; FHA Approval News; Four More Bank Failures
NEW Lender Implementation of FHA Flipping Guideline; SAFE Act Still Weighs on Originators, Thornburg Execs in Trouble
NEW FHA Extends Deadline to Submit Audited Financials. Elimination of Correspondent/Broker Approval Still Pending
NEW GFE Horror Stories Still Abundant; Lack of HUD Leniency; Loan Mods Made to Out of Work Homeowners; More FHA Tips
NEW Originators Work More For Less; FHA Tips from Citi; DU 8.0 April Update; Japan Passes China as Biggest Tsy Buyer
NEW FHA Appraisal Policy REMINDER; Approve/Ineligibles; How PIIGS impact MBS; ING & YSP
NEW HUD and FDIC Hiring; NMLS Background Checks; SAFE Act training; FHA Watching DE Lenders
NEW Lenders Using the GFE as Marketing Tool; Lenders Cut by FHA; Condo Approvals; Guidance on Borrowers Facing Imminent Default;
NEW FHA Keeps Promise. Continues to Crack Down on Lenders
NEW Analysis of FHA Changes; RESPA & GFE Feedback from the Trenches; Fifth Third & Goldman results
NEW FHA Increases Upfront MIP Fee; Raises Credit Score Requirement; Reduces Seller Concessions
NEW Common Sense Lending; FHA Tweaks Key Regs; Earnings from BofA, Wells, MS; Thoughts on Success in 2010
NEW The Day Ahead: Housing Starts, PPI, FHA to Increase Upfront Insurance Fee
NEW FHA Fee Capped Removed; Treasury Crosses $2 Trillion in Debt Sales; Pipeline Control Tactics; Updates from GMAC, UBOC, USB, Caliber, and Alerus
NEW Delay in FHA Appraisal Requirements; RESPA Update; VA Loan Flipping; Mortgage Apps Down
NEW FHA Delays Implementation of HVCC Standards
NEW BofA to Repay TARP Funds; More FHA changes; HAFA; Primer on Jobless Claims & Unemployment
NEW FHA to Raise FICO Requirements, Reduce Seller Concessions, Increase Premiums and Downpayment
NEW FHA Imposes Penalties on Lend America; AmTrust Bank BK; Investor Updates: BoA,Suntrust, Flagstar, Wells
NEW FHA Proposes New Rules to Strengthen Risk Management
NEW BofA Sued by Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas; FHA & Fannie Chatter; Dubai's Debt Woes Help Rates
NEW Short Sale Basics; Global Mortgage Standards; FHA Streamlines; Lots of Investor News
NEW Google's Mortgage Comparison Tool; Bank Rankings; GMAC, US Bank, FHA Updates
NEW The Day Ahead: Jobless Claims, Deficit Data, Auctions, FHA Audit Release
NEW FHA Reserves At All Time Low. Audit Sees Finances Recovering in 2012
NEW FHA Video; New Apps Dropping; Citi and Flagstar Updates; Rates Improving
NEW JD Powers Ranks Mortgage Servicers; YSP & FHA News, $8,000 Tax Credit Warning
NEW 2010 Mortgage Production Estimates; FHA Updates; Does your Biz Rely on the Tax Credit?
NEW FHA Chatter; News from MERS, Wells, Flagstar
NEW FHA Announces Several Policy Changes. Adopts HVCC Guidelines
NEW FHA Commissioner: We Will Not Ask for More Money
NEW FHA Disputes Whispers of Capital Reserve Problems
NEW Former Ginnie Mae CEO and President Murin and Former FHA Commissioner Montgomery Form Advisory Firm
NEW FHA Borrowers Now Eligible for Loan Modification Programs