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NEW Jumbo Loan Delinquencies; BoA and Landsafe; Fannie Mae HomePath Incentive; Mortgage Pooling and Ratings Agencies;
NEW MBA Takes Loss on Headquarters; CRA Loans; HAMP Servicer Updates; Prepay Speeds; Updates: GMAC, FAMC
NEW More on Loan Buybacks; GMAC's Earnings; Another BofA lawsuit; Primer on Volatility; Solid Super Bowl Joke
NEW GMAC Cuts Ditech; Top GFE Mistakes; ASF Non-Agency Loan Product Outlook; Biggest Commercial Loan Servicers
NEW Appraisal Requirements; No New GSE Loan Programs; Jumbo Products Needed; Itemized Deductions; Several Lender Updates
NEW Fannie Mae Imminent Default Indicator; Borrower Funded Temporary Buydowns; DR Horton Out of the Red; Anti-Flipping Debate
NEW FDIC Bank Closures and Links; Auto Delinquencies vs. Home Loan Delinquencies; Wells, GMAC Bulletins
NEW Freddie's Condo Guidelines; AVMs & Mortgage Banking; Jawboning on the End of the Mortgage Purchase Program
NEW Mortgage Purchase Program on Schedule to End; MGIC & Bank of America; Lender Updates: Suntrust, Citi, USB
NEW HUD and FDIC Hiring; NMLS Background Checks; SAFE Act training; FHA Watching DE Lenders
NEW Lenders Using the GFE as Marketing Tool; Lenders Cut by FHA; Condo Approvals; Guidance on Borrowers Facing Imminent Default;
NEW Down Payment Assistance Programs; Origination Point Deductions; The Role of the Federal Reserve; More Bank Closures
NEW GFE Feedback: Effect on the IRS, Cash to Close, Lack of Borrower Signature; What it Costs to Keep an AE/LO
NEW Analysis of FHA Changes; RESPA & GFE Feedback from the Trenches; Fifth Third & Goldman results
NEW Common Sense Lending; FHA Tweaks Key Regs; Earnings from BofA, Wells, MS; Thoughts on Success in 2010
NEW HUD Changes Flip Policy; FHLB First Time Home Buyer Classes; FDIC IRR Resources; Bank Earnings; Lender Updates
NEW JPMorgan Chase Earnings; Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Comments; GMAC Declining Markets Update
NEW RESPA and GFE Confusion; Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System; News from MetLife & Flagstar
NEW 2010 Loan Production Estimates; TARP Penalties; Updates from SunTrust, Wells, Guild, USB; HUD's List of Companies Under Investigation
NEW Oregon's SAFE Act; VA Loan Limits; USDA Primer; Fed Stats;
NEW SAFE Act Requires Credit Worthy Originator; RESPA Impact on VA Loans; Reverse Mortgage REMIC; 1st Right of Rescission Holiday;
NEW The State of Originator Sentiment; Yield Spread Premium Confusion; Wells Fargo Lawsuit Dismissed; Updates from Fannie and SunTrust
NEW NAMB's View of HUD Proposal; FOMC Minutes Say Slow Recovery; RESPA Resources; "Herding"
NEW Lenders Crying for New Locks; The Dollar's Impact on Loan Originators; SAFE Act Requires Stound Credit in CA; GMAC to Lose $5 Billion
NEW Fed MBS Program Extension Talk; State of Warehouse Lending; Condo Updates from Chase; News from Thornburg, Wells
NEW FHA Fee Capped Removed; Treasury Crosses $2 Trillion in Debt Sales; Pipeline Control Tactics; Updates from GMAC, UBOC, USB, Caliber, and Alerus
NEW Wells Fargo Watching Renegotiated Home Sale Prices; RESPA Influence: Flagstar Shortens Loan Delivery Period; VA IRRRL Update
NEW Lots of Investor Updates; YSP & HVCC Chatter; GSE Portfolio Size; Florida Broker Applications Skyrocket
NEW GSEs Gain Federal Support; MGIC Sued by BoA; Buffet to Buy ResCap? News from Chase, Wells, BofA, UBOC
NEW RESPA Changes Are Coming!
NEW Delay in FHA Appraisal Requirements; RESPA Update; VA Loan Flipping; Mortgage Apps Down
NEW Loan Mods vs. Reps & Warranties; More on RESPA; Higher Priced Mortgages; Indiana & Appraisers
NEW Bank Failure Update: Former IndyMac Buys Bank; Modification News from the Trenches; Bulletins from Fannie, BofA, Chase, USBHM, PMI, AmTrust
NEW AmTrust Taking Locks Again; VA Loan limits; SAFE Act in California; Average Profit Per Loan Stats
NEW RESPA RESPA RESPA; Chase Adding More Mortgage Centers; News from Citi, GMAC, Wells
NEW SAFE Act Update; Down Payment Assistance; Fannie & Freddie in the Future; Yield Curve Chatter
NEW Wells Fargo Paying Back TARP; HAMP Resources; ARM Index Websites; HUD & Form 1004D
NEW DU 8.0 Implemented; Citi & TARP payback; Fed Funds and Mortgage Rates; House Passes FIASCO
NEW Backstop Needed for Mortgages; JP Morgan Could See More Losses on Home Equity Loans; News from GMAC, ING, Central Pacific, Union Bank
NEW Projected Fed Funds Rates; Mortgage Companies Expanding; News from BofA, GMAC, Freddie, USB, Flagstar
NEW Wells Requiring MERS Registration; Citi's Ineligible Appraiser Monitor; Flagstar & 2-4 Unit Caps, USB, AgFirst - Lots of Updates to Report
NEW Citi to Pay Back TARP? New Century vs. SEC; Equitable Trust Suspended; Flagstar, Wells, FAMC Updates
NEW AmTrust Stops Taking Locks; News from Freddie & SunTrust; Rates Sideways
NEW Hope You Locked Yesterday! Keeping Pipelines Clean; News from MGIC, Wells, Comerica, HUD
NEW BofA to Repay TARP Funds; More FHA changes; HAFA; Primer on Jobless Claims & Unemployment
NEW RESPA Resources; Lend America Gone, AmTrust Mortgage NOT Gone; the Fed & Commerical Mortgages
NEW FHA Imposes Penalties on Lend America; AmTrust Bank BK; Investor Updates: BoA,Suntrust, Flagstar, Wells
NEW BofA Sued by Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas; FHA & Fannie Chatter; Dubai's Debt Woes Help Rates
NEW Working Twice as Hard for Half as Much; FOMC update; HAMP MBS Pools; Multifamily Lending
NEW Mortgage Modification Divisions Hiring; Several Investor Updates - Why During a Holiday Week?