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NEW LO Technology, Broker PPE Products; Training and Webinars This Week; 3.7% Unemployment
NEW Bulk Sales, Best-Ex, Accounting Outsourcing, Verification Tools; FHA and Ginnie News; STRATMOR Tech Survey
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NEW MSR Sales, Subservicing, Margin Mgt., PPE, HELOC, Pre-Approval Tools, Don't Ignore HMDA Requirements
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NEW TPO, LOS, Cybershield, Subservicing Products; STRATMOR on Customer Satisfaction
NEW Best Ex, Marketing, Non-QM, Accounting Products; Training and Webinars; 40 Percent Own Homes Outright
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NEW Underwriting, Outsourcing, CRM, POS Products; IMB earnings for Q3
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NEW Wholesaler Wanted; PPE, DSCR, Marketing, AVM Products; FHA, Ginnie News; Listings on the Rise!
NEW Hedging, Automation, HELOC, MERS Audit, LO Benchmarking Products; Training Opportunities
NEW Lender Credit, HELOC, PPE, AI Tools; Wholesale and Correspondent News; Millennial Refi Interview
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NEW Best Ex, Workflow, Subservicer Audit, Fulfillment Products ; FHA, VA, USDA News; Mr. Cooper's Cyberattack
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NEW LO Jobs; Production Efficiency, HELOC, Database Mining Tools; FHA, VA, USDA Changes; Freddie's $2.7 Billion in Profits
NEW Efficiency, CRM, eClosing, Customer-Facing Tools; Lender Innovation Landscape Shifts; STRATMOR's Tech Workshop
NEW Verification, HELOC, POS, Servicing Transfer Products; Webinars Today and Tomorrow; Fannie's Solid Earnings
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NEW Broker and Correspondent Products, Database Mining, Engagement, Cybersecurity Tools; Training and Webinars This Week
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NEW Best-Ex, Outsourcing, LOS/Servicing, Portfolio, CRM, QC Products; Conventional Conforming News; 30-year Rates Hit 8 Percent