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NEW eMortgage, CRM, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Compliance Tools; More Correspondents Exiting, Lender and Investor Updates
NEW Reverse, Servicing Products; Wholesaler News; Bill Cosgrove on Origination Costs
NEW Warehouse, Credit Measuring Tools; Non-QM Products; Disaster News; Securitization Court Ruling
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NEW U/W, PPE, Marketing, Compliance Products; House Price Stats Dissected; Vendor Monopolies
NEW HMDA Compliance, Expansion Plan, Pricing Engine, Subservicing Products; Program and Procedure Changes
NEW Homebuyer Education, RON, Elastic Ops Tools; Conventional Conforming News; STRATMOR on Tech ROI
NEW Point of Sale, Appraisal, Outsourcing, Appraisal Products; Mergers and Lender Closures Continue
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NEW Credit, API, Sales, Repurchase Review, Subservicer Oversight Products; TransUnion Credit Study
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NEW Cybersecurity, Efficiency, DSCR, Lead Management, Correspondent Products, Freddie/Fannie Changes Continue
NEW Non-QM 2nds, Renovation, Homeowner, Realtor-Facing Products; Reaction to Govt LLPA and Securitization Changes
NEW Hedging, Pooling, Outsourcing, Jumbo, HELOC Servicing Products; Events and Webinars
NEW TPO non-Agency products; credit reporting, QC, home insurance, fee collection tools; mortgage apps skyrocket
NEW TPO Non-Agency Products; Credit Reporting, QC, Home Insurance, Fee Collection Tools; Mortgage Apps Skyrocket
NEW Secondary, DSCR, Marketing, POS, QC, DPA Tools; MBA's Home Equity Study; Experian Hack
NEW Profitability, Efficiency, Fraud Management Products; VA, FHA, USDA, Ginnie News
NEW Correspondent, QC Automation, Home Equity, Work Visa Products; No Wells... Now What? Inflation Data Meets Expectations
NEW QC, Down Payment Asst., AMC, LOS Products; Readers Weigh in on Wells Shutting Correspondent
NEW Trading, Servicing Transfer, CRM Products; STRATMOR on Bank Market Share; Wholesaler and TPO News
NEW Putting Numbers on Mortgage Job Cuts; Valuation Vendor News; The FTC and Non-Competes; Letter on Affordable Housing
NEW Accounting, Correspondent, Secondary Marketing Products; Lender's Rate Drop Protection Plan
NEW Rate Lock Activity, Marketing, B2C Communication Tools; Wholesale and Correspondent News
NEW Fee Collection, Bi-Lingual, Marketing Products; Thoughts on 2023: Not for the Faint-of-Heart
NEW Bi-Lingual, Warehouse, Operation Efficiency Tools; Events, Webinars and Training Coming up Soon
NEW MLO Jobs; Reverse Mortgage Product; Consumer Finance Protection Bureau on ARMS and HELOCs
NEW POS, Lead Conversion Tools; Important FHFA, Freddie, Fannie ARM and LLPA Changes Coming Soon
NEW Marketing, Scalability, Lead Conversion Tools; Gender Pay Inequlity; Attorney's Thoughts on FHA Loan Comp
NEW Real Estate Agent, Subservicing Analysis Products; Investor Processing and Product News
NEW More on loanDepot vs. CrossCountry; On This Day in 1888; LO and Industry Jobs
NEW Asset Depletion, Appraisal Form Products; Union Home/Amerifirst (MI); loanDepot/CrossCountry; Investor News
NEW Retention, HELOC, Solar Products; Events and Training; Fresh MBA Forecast
NEW Subservicer Oversight, Automated Marketing, Hedging, Non-Agency, QC Tools; Credit Companies Feeling the Squeeze
NEW Credit Reporting, Automation, BI, Marketing Tools; FHA, HUD, VA Changes; Bank Market Share
NEW Tax, Fee Collection, Digital, TPO Products; FHFA, Freddie, Fannie Developments
NEW Point of Sale, QC, LOS Products; STRATMOR on Customer Service; Academy, False Claims, and $38.5 Million
NEW U/W, Business Intel, Cap. Mkts., Remote Worker Compliance Tools; Non-QM, DSCR, 2nds, Commercial News
NEW LO to Broker, Reverse, Processing, Home Equity, Investor Cash Flow, DPA Products; Webinars and Training; Inflation Data
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NEW Comp Strategy, Non-QM, Fee Collection, Marketing Products; U.S. Bank's Wholesale Decision
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