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NEW Home Prices Hold Their Own As Existing Home Sales Fall
NEW Mortgage Rates Virtually Unchanged From Previous Week
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NEW Foreclosure Help Is Available
NEW Builders Confidence Hits 26 Year Low as Permits and Starts Fall Again
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed But Application Volume Remains Steady
NEW Nobody Understands Buyer Agency - Certainly Not Newsweek
NEW More Action RE: Subprime Lending and Mortgage Regulation
NEW NAACP Subprime Discrimination Suit
NEW Subprime Disaster Continues To Unfold
NEW Mortgage Rates Move In Opposite Directions on Surveys
NEW Pros and Cons of the Various Housing Indicators
NEW Two MBA Surveys Paint Picture of Mortgage Market in 2006
NEW Federal Agencies Issue Final Guidance On Subprime Mortgages
NEW Mortgage Rates Curbed By Housing Recession
NEW American Home Recinds Earnings Guidance In Wake Of Loan Losses
NEW Home Fire Sprinklers - A Great Idea That Has Not Happened Yet
NEW Efforts Made To Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
NEW Mortgage Rates Roll Back From 2007 Highs
NEW New And Existing Home Sales Continue To Languish
NEW Subprime Mess Hits Wall Street Again
NEW State Of The Nations Housing - Harvard Study
NEW Mortgage Rates Take Biggest Jump In Three Years
NEW Housing Starts Slip and Builders Still Glum
NEW MBA Delinquency Data Not As Dire As RealtyTrac Reports
NEW Credit Piggybacking - What Will They Think Of Next?
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Upward Spiral
NEW Major Real Estate Corp Sees Marketing Possibilities In Virtual World
NEW Will Subprime Problems Spill Over Into Conventional Markets?
NEW NAR Forecast Reveals A Wee Bit Of Gloom
NEW Alt-A Lender GreenPoint Mortgage Closes Multiple Offices
NEW Real Estate Sales Information Not Public In All States
NEW Mortgage Rates Climb For Third Straight Week
NEW Nothing Wrong With Buying A Flip As Long As It Is A Good One
NEW Home Prices Show Positive Growth But Slowest In Ten Years
NEW Buying Virtual Real Estate Is Neither Easy Or Cheap
NEW Mortgage Rates Surge While Applications and Refinancing Weak
NEW Redfin Forced To Shut Down House Reviews While CBS and NAR Fight On
NEW Existing Home Sales Were Down 2.6 Percent In April
NEW Mortgage Rates Move Up On Inflation Worries
NEW Virgin Acquires Majority Stake In Family-Centered Mortgage Company