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NEW Price for Bear Stearns Likely to Rise
NEW Some Good News Regarding Home Sales Comes in NAR Report
NEW Why is Bear Stearns Trading Higher than the JP Morgan Offer Price?
NEW Most Mortgage Rates Increase During Wild Week in Financial Markets
NEW Sinking Mortgage Company Gets Lifeline from Lenders
NEW OFHEO Lowers Capital Requirements for GSEs to Improve Market Liquidity
NEW YSP Clarification
NEW Housing Starts and Builder Confidence Surveys Released
NEW Big Losses for PMI Company and HR Block Unloads Option One
NEW Stockholders Socked as J.P. Morgan Acquires Bear Stearns in Weekend Rescue
NEW Federal Reserve Makes Three Big Weekend Moves
NEW HUD Introduces New Good Faith Estimate and Proposes Other Changes to RESPA
NEW Mortgage Mess is Apparently Ready to Claim Two More Victims
NEW Paulson Releases Presidential Working Group Recommendations
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed - Very Mixed - in Last Week's Reports
NEW Stop Paying Your Mortgage and Walk Away?
NEW Still More Troubles for Countrywide
NEW Three Mortgage CEOs Spend a Day on the Congressional Hot Seat
NEW HomeSaver Advance is the Latest Program to Assist Delinquent Homeowners
NEW Margin Calls Threaten Two Mortgage Companies/Investors
NEW Pending Home Sales Index Points to a Slow Recovery
NEW Home Equity Hits New Low
NEW Mortgage Rates Mixed in Freddie Mac, MBA Weekly Surveys
NEW WaMu Executives Will See Bonuses Protected from Financial Fallout
NEW Hope Now Alliance Reports Progress in Helping Homeowners
NEW Appraisal Reform Accord Reached By NY Attorney General and GSEs
NEW NAHB Puts its Economic Stimulus Ideas in Front of the Senate
NEW A Look at GSE 2007 Earnings; Ouch!
NEW Huge Changes May be Coming for Lenders and Appraisers
NEW Mortgage Rates and the Fed - Get it Straight !
NEW Mortgage Rates Back Up to January Levels
NEW New Home Sales and Prices Continue Seemingly Endless Decline
NEW Case Shiller, OFHEO Reports Add to the General Housing Gloom
NEW Are Programs Beginning to Slow Rate of Foreclosure Growth?
NEW Existing Home Sales and Prices Fall in January
NEW California to Retrain Laid-off Mortgage Workers
NEW Fixed-Rate Mortgages Were Pricier Last Week
NEW Builders Hold Back on New Construction but Some See Hope
NEW House Swaps - Not Just for Vacationers Anymore?
NEW Subprime Lawsuits Already Outpacing S&L Litigation
NEW Project Lifeline to Cover Nearly All Borrowers
NEW Another Attempt to Ameliorate the Housing Situation Proposed
NEW NAR Price Survey Shows House Prices Continuing To Increase In Many Areas
NEW Mortgage Rates are Drifting and Applications Trend Down
NEW Changes in Loan Limits Will Impact Few Home Buyers
NEW Delinquent Homeowners Get a New "Lifeline"
NEW Buffet Offers Help to Bond Insurers
NEW Two Changes in Tax Code May Benefit Some Homeowners
NEW Cash-Out Refi's Declining in Both Numbers and Amounts