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NEW Project Lifeline to Cover Nearly All Borrowers
NEW Another Attempt to Ameliorate the Housing Situation Proposed
NEW NAR Price Survey Shows House Prices Continuing To Increase In Many Areas
NEW Mortgage Rates are Drifting and Applications Trend Down
NEW Changes in Loan Limits Will Impact Few Home Buyers
NEW Delinquent Homeowners Get a New "Lifeline"
NEW Buffet Offers Help to Bond Insurers
NEW Two Changes in Tax Code May Benefit Some Homeowners
NEW Cash-Out Refi's Declining in Both Numbers and Amounts
NEW "Foreclosure Avalanche" Prompts Servicer Survey
NEW Mortgage Rates Reclaim Last Week's Declines
NEW Keeping Them Honest - Comparing 2007 Forecasts With Reality
NEW Many Mortgage Delinquents Still Unaware There Is Help
NEW MBIA Reports Record Losses While Connecticut Investigates
NEW Mortgage Rates Still Falling Hitting Four Year Low
NEW NAHB Urges Mix of Housing Measures To Stimulate Economy
NEW RealtyTrac Report Confirms Foreclosures Skyrocketing
NEW Countrywide CEO Waives Massive Severance Package
NEW New Homes Sales for 2007 Post Record Decline
NEW Mortgage Rates at 2.5 Year Low
NEW Increased Loan Limts May Be Included In House Bill
NEW Existing Home Sales Drop Again
NEW Can Saving PMI Also Save the Economy? Cramer Thinks So
NEW Fed Slashes Interest Rates
NEW MBA Touts Role in Helping Mortgage Borrowers
NEW NAR Chimes in With an Economic Stimulus Wishlist
NEW Merrill Lynch Losses Near Top of Analysts Estimates
NEW Survey Shows ARMs Diminishing in Appeal
NEW Housing Permits and Starts Drop Sharply In December
NEW Mortgage Rates Plummet While Applications and Refinancing Increase
NEW Citigroup Announces Unprecidented Losses; Dividend Cut
NEW NAR Launches New Public Info Campaign To Counter Slump
NEW The Consumer Spending Problem Wall Street Doesn't See Coming
NEW Bank of America to Buy Countrywide
NEW Housing at Heart of Recession Fears
NEW Fed Chair Promises "Substantive Additional Action" on Behalf of Economy
NEW Mortgage Applications Surge Into New Year
NEW Paulson Hints at Expansion of Rate Freeze Agenda
NEW Countrywide Reeling Again as Bankruptcy Rumors Fly
NEW Mortgage Regulatory System Now Operational
NEW FICO Speeds Rollout of New Product to Meet Lender Demands
NEW National City Job Cuts
NEW Mortgage Rates Not Far From Where They Started 2007
NEW New Home Sales Drop Again But Prices Fairly Stable
NEW Mortgage Applications Slow While Rates Are Mixed
NEW Widely Regarded Housing Study Reports Further Home Price Declines
NEW ARM Freeze Yields Solution To All World Problems
NEW Foreclosure Filing Up 68 Percent Since November 2006 Per RealtyTrac
NEW Treasury Secretary Advocates GSE Assistance for High-End Borrowers
NEW Two Advocacy Groups Express Different Views on FRB Proposals