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NEW Biggest Drop of The Week; Lowest Rates Since Early June
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit 2 Week Lows
NEW Mortgage Rates Fairly Flat So Far This Week
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NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher Today, But Little-Changed This Week
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NEW Rates Lowest in More Than a Week After Inflation Data
NEW Mortgage Rates Cautiously Improve But Thursday is Anyone's Guess
NEW Mortgage Rates Moderately Higher Despite Bond Market Recovery.
NEW Mortgage Rates Moderately Higher to Start The Week
NEW Housing is Normalizing, Not Dying; Nice Rate Rebound After Last Week's Rout
NEW No, Rates Are Actually MUCH Lower This Week
NEW Epic Knowledge Drop on Why Mortgage Rates Can Appear to Have Dropped by Near Record Amounts Recently
NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher to Start The Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Hit 6%. World is Not Ending. May Just Be Beginning
NEW Decent Day For Mortgage Rates, Relatively Speaking, Despite Volatility
NEW Mortgage Rates Drop Sharply After Fed Announcement
NEW Mortgage Rates Continue Higher Into The 6's
NEW Mortgage Rates Surge Well Into the 6% Range After One of The Worst Days in Decades
NEW 2022 is Already The Worst Year For Rates Since 1979
NEW Highest Mortgage Rates in a Month Despite Afternoon Improvement
NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher. More Volatility Ahead
NEW Modest Rate Recovery as Bond Market Losing Streak Ends
NEW Rates Jump Up To Highest Levels in Nearly a Month
NEW Rates Bounce After 3 Weeks of Improvement
NEW Mortgage Rates Remain Elevated vs Last Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Erased a Majority of Recent Drop in Past 2 Days
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NEW Big Shift in Housing Numbers. Scary or Welcome?
NEW Have Rates Finally Turned a Corner?
NEW Lowest Rates in More Than a Month
NEW Mortgage Rates Moving Up to Start New Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Fall to 3-Week Lows
NEW Rates Started Higher, But Recovered by The Afternoon
NEW Mortgage Rates Moving Back Up
NEW Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Slightly Lower
NEW Best Week For Rates in Almost 2 Years, But There's a Catch
NEW Rates Are Actually Lower Today (And This Week)
NEW Nice Recovery Brings Rates Close to 2 Week Lows
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