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NEW No, Mortgage Rates Aren't Lower This Week. They're Actually Back Over 7%
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Back Up Toward 7%
NEW Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than a Week
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NEW Boring Day For Rates, But Not "Good" Boring
NEW Rates Jump a Quarter Point Instantly After Key Inflation Report; Now Back to 14-Year Highs
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NEW Things Are About to Get Even More Interesting For Rates
NEW Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Higher
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NEW Rates Blast Back Up Toward Long Term Highs
NEW Unprecedented Rate Volatility as Markets Ponder Next Big Move
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Back Above 6%; More Volatility Ahead
NEW Rates End August at Highs
NEW Mortgage Rates Hold Mostly Steady at Recent Highs
NEW Mortgage Rates Jump Back up to 2-Month Highs
NEW Fed Reminds Markets Why Rates Went Sharply Higher in August
NEW Mortgage Rates Recover Modestly Ahead of Powell Speech
NEW Mortgage Rates Quickly Approaching 6%
NEW Mortgage Rates Little-Changed at Recent Highs
NEW Highest Mortgage Rates in More Than a Month
NEW Mortgage Rates Rose Sharply This Week
NEW Mortgage Rates Unchanged Today, Higher Than Last Week
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NEW Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower to Begin The Week
NEW Reconciling Recently Irrational Rate Movement (It's Actually Rational!)
NEW Rates Are Actually Lower Than Last Week (Despite Moving Higher Today)
NEW Rates Started Lower, But Rose Unexpectedly This Afternoon
NEW Mortgage Rates Lower so Far This Week, But Well Above Thursday's Lows
NEW Rates End Near Last Week's Highs After Data Swings For Fences
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